How To Use Xender App to Transfer Files, Games and Videos

Xender is an android application which is also available for iOS devices used in transferring files between two devices easily and faster. The application allows file transfers, videos, games, images, e.t.c Xender App is very easy to use, but not all understand how to transfers files using the app, so this post teaches you how to use Xender Apk and all you need to know about it.
How To Use Xender App

Before Xender, there was flashshare and also, in the past people uses Bluetooth to transfer images and videos, but with the era of Xender app, it became easier to share files with family and friends with just a few clicks through mobile hotspot and wi-fi. Xender also has an option to transfer downloaded files and media from Android to iOS devices and even to your Mac OS or Windows PC easily.
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Xender App allows file-sharing of any type and any place for free without an internet connection, it is faster than Bluetooth and it supports various platforms such as Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows phone and PC. Sharing Movies or files is very easy on PC because you do not need USB Connection or even a software version of Xender App installed. So transferring is very easy that's why there are over 500 Million users worldwide, you can play music and videos directly from Xender App without any external media player.

Some features of Xender App (iOS, Android)

1. Transfer files with flash speed
Transfer rate is very high and fast, it goes over 40Mb/s. Use Internet Speed meter for real-time calculation.

2. Share all kinds of files without restrictions 
Learning how to use Xender App isn't hard, there are no restrictions on which files can be sent. You can send PDF documents, music, and media like photos and videos and also, application and games can be sent.

3. Free of network connection 
The Xender connection is free and doesn't need any internet bundle to transfer any file with family and friends. Files and media can be shared anywhere regardless of if is an active internet bundle or not.

4. Send large files without limitation
There is no limitation in the amount of file that can be sent from phone to phone. The file-sharing size is unlimited, and not limited to like 100MB for media or files, it allows sharing of files of 36GB and up.

5. Allows Xender Cross-Platform Transfer

How To Use Xender App

It's easy to share files or document from phones and tablets to PC or Mac, you can also share files within Android, IOS and Windows OS.
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6. Backup Files & Media
Switching or moving media from a Xender app on an old device to a new device is very easy, you can also switch contacts, SMS, images, music or games from your old phone which has Xender Apk installed to a new device.

7. In-Built File manager
Just like ES File Explorer or Z archiver app, you can view and edit files on the file explorer application. Xender has an inbuilt file explorer manager which allows you to view files, internal storage, and edit folder names or create.

8. Protected Connection with Password
Connection to your mobile hotspot through Xender app can password to prevent unauthorized users from connecting to your transfer group without your consent. This is done usually when users want to get files and data from your device which you want to share to a specific user or group of people.

9. Supported languages in Xender

How To Use Xender App

Xender currently supports English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese

Where To Download Xender App for Android, iOS

- Download Xender for Android HERE, while you can

- Get Xender App for iOS HERE.

I linked to the official app store, so it's easy to download and no virus can be gotten from these official app stores.
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How To Use Xender App to Transfer Files, Medias

  1. Download Xender App and Install.
  2. Open and click the arrow button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tow option will show, choose any regardless who is sending or receiving, the other device just needs to choose the opposite option.
  4. Click Send or receive.
  5. For Android 5.0 and up it requires location and permission access to connect.
  6. Connect and send, you can shake the device to send files, videos e.t.


This is how to use Xender app to transfer files, folders, images, videos, movies, applications and games for free on any device, be it Android, iOS, Windows phone, e.t.c Xender Apk is free to download and also, this is the most popular app out there, you do not need internet connection and best of all, it is Ads free.

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