Breaking News: Popular WhatsApp Mod [GBWhatsApp Shuts down]

Is this really the end of popular third party WhatsApp modified Apk - GBWhatsapp? It seems too hard to believe, but GBWhatsapp has really been shut down and this has been confirmed on their social media channels.
GBWhatsApp Shut down

Just today, not over 2 hours, we got some reports that GBWhatsapp has been shut down and this isn't a rumor because Omar GBWhatsapp creator shared this heartbreaking news on his social media channels like Telegram and Twitter and I confirmed this myself.
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GBWhatsapp has been the target of Whastsapp Inc since they made a new policy to ban users using GBWhatsapp Mod or any modded WhatsApp apps. Whatsapp really did ban some users phone numbers while some were temporary, but this didn't stop GBWhatsapp Updates, it came with 7.0 Anti-ban and people began using it again, but this time, it seems like WhatsApp has finally informed him to bring it down or face the law.

Although there has been no confirmed reason to why GBWhatsapp has been shut down without warning to notice, we got to see an official message from the develope himself on his social media channel - Twitter.
We are really sorry to announce that we have completely stopped the development of GBWhatsApp.
It was a great time with all you people.
Sorry for the Inconvenience. Hence we have Closed all the Site, Social Accounts and Everything.
There will be no further Development.

This is the sad news we got today (8-1-2019), this new month came with bad news, too bad. Now we all have to move to the original WhatsApp, or leave WhatsApp entirely and move to Telegram which has more features than Whatsapp.

Alternatives to GBWhatsapp -

We got no news if GBInstagram will be shut down as well, but if there are further updates, you'll get them on this website. Share this with GBWhatsapp Lovers and Fans.


  1. That's so sad, even thier site is no more working for like 2 weeks back

  2. I'm going to missed it oooo.

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