[DLS 20 Lite] Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Apk Download For Android

Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Download - This game is a lite version of the original DLS 2020 Apk which has HD Graphics, smooth gameplay, and multiplayer features. This DLS 20 Lite lowers the graphics for gamers with low devices who can't play big High Graphics games like FTS 19, GS 19, or PES 19 e.t.c on their phone. This post then contains the working download link of Dream League Soccer 2020 (DLS 20) Lite if your RAM, Processor, and GPU are low.
DLS 20 Lite Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Apk

This game can be run on low-end phones with at least 256 MB of RAM and any Dual Core Processor. Android 3.0 can also benefit from this wonderful HD graphics game and benefit all features without lags or glitches. I will guide you on everything to make sure everyone reading this will be able to play DLS 20 lite on their phone. So, let’s get started.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Game Overview

DLS 20 lite doesn't remove any features like some sites say, it only reduced the game's size and also consumes less ram due to the optimized files and updates. The game's graphics remain intact with its features, gameplay, transfers, and logos. So low-end devices should be able to benefit from this game regardless of their device ram, internal storage not up to 400MB you will enjoy smooth gameplay and multiplayer gameplay - Playing the original Dream League Soccer 2020 is also great for high-end devices with the good ram of 2GB or more.

In DLS 20 lite, all mode available on  DLS 2020 is there which includes multiplayer, campaign, competitions, transfers, training and manager mode, e.t.c there is no such lite version which scraped off all modes living it with Campaign and Training.  DLS 20 Lite is very easy to play and if you want to understand how to play the games, it's buttons and skills it is recommended you play the game's training mode which enables you to play with your dream team and train them on a penalty shootout, free kicks, corners and also free training.

Also, beginners can play DLS 20 Lite because of the game doesn't begin difficulty and also there is no option to select easy, medium or hard, so as you play, it becomes difficult and as you progress further on divisions. Also, even if you meet big teams such as Barcelona, Chelsea e.t.c on a lower division like 4 or 3, you will be able to win the match because their difficulty will be reduced till you are on junior elite or elite division, then the game becomes hard.
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Funny enough, I've seen some get frustrated because it was too difficult for them and they blame the developers while some say it's too easy (like me), so this is a very good and rare game to find.

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Download Latest Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Version for Android

Download Latest Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Version

Like said earlier (as a reminder), you wouldn't need many Megabytes to download DLS 20 lite for your Android phone. So you will only spend just 364.2MB for both Apk OBB and data file which includes unlimited coins to buy any players and upgrade stadiums for instant division promotion at the end of the season. The uploaded files on Mega.nz and Google Drive are all working and it's easy to download the game. The download links have been reviewed and this is a rare working link which works for now and hasn't been taken down, so you'll be guided by me on how you can download DLS 20 lite safely on any Android phone.

But before then, it will be wise to take a look at its file details before getting the APK + OBB file for your device, so here we go.

File Details:

  • Name: [DLS 20] Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite
  • APK Size: 86.7 MB
  • OBB File size: 270.9MB
  • Data File size (All 100% Energy ) : 6.6MB
  • Game Type: Sports > Soccer
  • Developer: First Touch Games Ltd.
  • Mode: Offline
  • Version: Unofficial Modified Apk
  • Download Links: Mega/Google Drive
  • Updated on: 29 July 2019

Just make sure you read the above details carefully and remember them for a while. Because it is going to help you download the files correctly on your Android phone. Now, just press on the below downloads links respectively to download DLS 20 Lite APK + OBB data.

DLS 20 Lite APK [MEGADriveLink]

DLS 20 Lite OBB [MEGADriveLink]

DLS 20 Lite DATA [MEGADriveLink]

How To Download Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite on Your Android Phone?

Easy, as all things should be, follow the below step to step tutorial to download DLS 20 Lite on your Android phone.

  1. First, Get (APK), (OBB) and (DATA) file download DLS 20 Lite’s respectively.
  2. After clicking on links, wait for the Google Drive/Mega pages to load completely.
  3. Tap on the download icon which is a blue button for a drive and red for mega.
  4. Wait for your Android browser to catch the link which begins downloading.
  5. Then wait for both files to get downloaded completely on your phone.
  6. Done.
  7. That was the simple process to download Dream League Soccer 2020 lite APK + OBB data on your Android phone.
Now, there are a few points that you should absolutely follow in order to download it safely on your device. All games have recommendations which need to be followed accordingly so below are some helpful tips for downloading DLS 20 Lite on Android without facing any error.

[Take Note] Before you Download DLS 20 Lite APK + OBB on Android Phone

  • Have Free Storage on your Android device with at least 430MB for extractions and installation of the game before downloading to avoid corrupted APK file after downloading such as "Parse Error'. If the game didn't download completely 100% the file will be corrupted and this means the game can be played on your phone. The issue is because you have low storage which is not up to the file you are downloading on your android device. Make sure you head to your phone's settings > storage and view the available internal memory or external storage on your phone, this prevents any Apk installation error and issues people complain often.
  • Don't use any background application while Downloading the Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Apk + OBB Data. Downloading any file in the background or running another app sometimes alters a game downloading and then it returns an error. Make sure you do not minimize the downloading, instead, set your device screen timeout to be 30 minutes and if your device allows timeout Never, then that will be also recommended. Do not turn the display off, or minimize the browser you use in downloading a game. TAKE NOTE.
  • Use fast browsers which also easily catches download links with high download rate and easy to remember file path installation. Some browsers download slow even when you use a very strong WI-FI or Mobile internet connection and this can reduce the file download speed and worst, cause expired download since the server stores the links for a selected time frame. Recommended download browsers and the one I use is UC browser latest version because it catches download links easily and also when you've downloaded an APK the file path for installation is easy to find, which is UC Downloads folder. Chrome browser and IDM Downloader is also good at downloading.
  • Slow internet connection is another issue many faces when downloading games on their android device. When downloading, if you're not in a good location the download can be slow and then cause the file to stop downloading and paused if it's searching for service and there's none. Most times, if the issue persists it's better downloading at a time you know there will be a good internet connection. I download games at night which is the time I get a fast internet connection.
These tips are going to help you download Dream League Soccer 2020 lite correctly. Just follow every point and hopefully, you will get the DLS 20 lite files. Now, let me show you how you can install it and start playing.

How To Install Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite & Play On Android Phone?

DLS 20 Lite APK + OBB on Android

Installation of Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite requires little different steps. And because you have downloaded it from us, you have to perform the installation by your self. Well, you just need to follow the steps that we have listed below and you will be able to install DLS 20 Lite and you also be able to play as well.

  1. First, Download and install ZArchiver from Google Play Store which helps in extracting the OBB Zip file of DLS 20 Lite.
  2. After that, open it up and head to the file path the browser you used to download the game file.
  3. Tap on the Game's OBB Zip file and select Extract here (You can extract it anywhere you want).
  4. Now, browse to the Apk path and open to install... then press Done (Don't open).
  5. Now head back to the download path and locate the Data File and move to Internal/SD>Android>data.
  6. Now, Move the OBB File you extracted to Internal/SD>Android>obb.
  7. That’s it. Enjoy.
The OBB file will be detected and the game will work when opened but if you didn't set the files properly, it will request for additional file downloads which you should not download. Instead, head to the OBB file and Data file and move it to SD card if it was on Internal storage and you are confident it was set well. Now, you can start playing Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite on your phone. The screenshots have been shared accross the post, you can check them out if you were more focused on reading.


Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite is worth playing since it can be played on lower devices and also, it comes with 100% energy which can't be reduced unlike other mods and also, the kits, logo, and transfers are the latest on computer clubs. This game can be played on High-specs devices if you also want to test it out, it's more updated than the official in terms of transfers and kits. I've shared the working download link of the game so you can share it too.

Why not share this article if you enjoyed reading it to tell others we review games better than many websites and also provide a working download links of most popular Android games & Apps which we have confirmed before uploading. If you still encounter any issue not listed on this post after downloading DLS 20 Lite, there is a comment section below this post, I answer all meaningful questions.


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