Glo 1GB For N200, 3GB For N500 Activation Code, Validity

Glo new cheap data plan includes 1GB for N100 Naira, 3GB for N500. This is an official plan and not a cheat, the validity of the first is 5 days, let's see the activation code and how it works.
Glo 1GB For N200, 3GB For N500

Now, this Glo 1GB plan is a night bundle, it does not work during the day, meaning during the day, it is not useable and no way to bypass that. Glo 1GB For N200, 3GB For N500 were recently added to the list of other well known night bundles which are N25 for 250MB, N50 for 500MB which lasts 12am to 5am (1 day).

The 3GB for 500 Naira plan isn't a night bundle, although it was added on the list where Airtel night plans are located, this plan lasts for 2 days, and can only be used on Saturday and Sunday, can be used all day, no time limitation or throttle speed.

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Whatever device you want to use, it can be used with this plan in downloading, streaming, browsing or communicating via social media, it works on laptops, PCs, Smartphones, so you have an advantage over the plan to enjoy it the way you want.

How To Get Glo 1GB For 100 Naira And 3GB For 500 Naira

No SMS message to be sent, just head to your phone and dial *777#, wait for it to load, now choose Night & Weekend package which works when you type 1, now type 1 again, before 7 which and all plans are displayed.

The same way you cannot check any network night plan data balance, that is the same way the 2 glo new data plans are, so you need to monitor your data usage by using apps like internet speed meter lite. In the same way, your normal data will not be touched if you subscribe to these plans.

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