Download Call Of Duty Mod Apk (Rapid Fire, Wall Ha-ck, No Recoil)

Finally, Call of Duty Mod Apk for Android is available, I've even added a video which shows the gameplay without any ban, the gameplay shows gameplay with rapid-fire (quick damage), radar map, seeing through walls, and no ban. This is a May 2nd, 2020 patch and it is in its latest version. If you play COD Mobile, download this Mod Apk for Android and be unbeatable on Death Match or Capture the Flag.
Call Of Duty Mod Apk Android

Now I heard some complaints concerning the PUBG Mod Apk I shared earlier, some said I shouldn't post Mod versions, while some loved it. I know Call  of Duty Mod Apk will spoil the experience of other players, but from the gameplay, you could see that even a ha*ker could also lose. But this Mod Apk is for those who find it difficult to win, though not recommended by UcheTechs, if you want and you are a novice, you can make use of this, and if surprising something goes wrong like account ban, you have nothing to lose.

Call of Duty Mod Apk also applies to battle royale, this game mod does not restrict the mod from working. For the best experience, I will advise you to use FFP (First First Person) than FPP (First Person Person). So what are you waiting for, below contains the features of Call of Duty Mobile App and what features the Call of Duty Mod APK has to offer on Android.

Call Of Duty Mod Apk (Features)

So what should you expect on the call of duty mod apk? This game is now getting a large number of players, it is very interesting, in fact, it got a newly updated map called rust, and new events were added to it, so check out what you can do with this mod.

1. Rapid Fire: This is the best of the Modded version of Call Of Duty Mobile App, what it does is it increases the damage made by you weapon regardless of its default damage. Looking at the gameplay, you will see it needs nothing less than 1-2 shots to bring an opponent down. So with rapid-fire, you will easily get past others and be #1/#100 in battle royale or win for your team in deathmatch,

2. Rader Map: What this does is it shows you all your opponent's positions without enabling UAV by getting enough hits on your opponents. This will be displayed only on your map, obviously, you will see no need to enable UAV, your opposition position will be given away. This is best used on the battle royale, no more sudden attacks, rather you will know where to hide and what they are doing.
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3. No Recoil: What is the meaning of "Recoil"? According to Wikipedia, Recoil is the backward movement of a gun when it is discharged. So how does this help in Call of Duty Mod Apk? When there is no recoil, your weapon balances so easily during your attack, there is no sudden redirection and you trying to get it back on position, you can call this "auto-balance", it is almost as good as auto-aim.

4. Wall Ha-ck: This term is used in different circumstances, though mostly it means hitting an enemy through a wall without having a clear view. But in this scenario, it means seeing an opponent through the walls. As you get closer to the opposition you will see them in blue, green, and purple colors through the wall or whatever object they are behind, so you can easily know their position.

So now we know these, how can we install the Call of Duty Mod Apk which includes these Rapid Fire, Recoil disabled, and Rader Map? Below contains the file information, installation, and download links.

File Information

Name: Call of Duty Mod Apk

Folder Name:

Apk Size: 82.94MB

OBB File Size: 1.44GB

Kuroyama Crac-ked: 5.92MB

OS: Android

Version: v1.6.12.0

Anty Ban: No promise, Risky

Credits: invisionmodz
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So these are the file information and sizes, notice it has a crac-ked application, this is an easy app with a  one-click button which will let you enable it or not.

Call of Duty Mod Apk Download on Android

Call of Duty Mod Apk Android
Call of Duty Mod Apk Android

Make sure you have enough storage space and if you want to try this, kindly do so at your own risk, and when you are using it do not showcase on social media especially with your account username being displayed because this leads to ban.

  1. FCall_of_Dutyreg_Mobile Apk here
  2. here.
  3. KUROYAMA CRACKED_1.0.apk here.
All Download links are on Mediafire, and they have been confirmed to work. Make sure you download the 3rd file or the Call of Duty Mod Apk will not work on your android phone.

How To Install and Get it Working on Android

This works just like any other android game installation if you know what I mean. What I mean is you just need to download the APK, OBB and newly the Crac-ked Apk, there is no DATA File. Ones you are done, download Zarchiver and extract the OBB file which is in Zip File. Cut the OBB File to this path; Android < OBB, paste it there. Now Install COD Mobile Apk, and do not launch yet or the Mod will not be applied, to apply it, follow through with the video and written tutorial below.

Kuroyama Apk Tutorial

1. Download and Install the 6MB File.

2. Launch the app and click "Cra-ked Off" to enable it.

3. Allow VPN Connection, click "OK" to allow.

4. Minimize Kuroyama and Open your Call of Duty Mod Apk.

5. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purposes, we do not encourage this, use this at your own risk.


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