7 Best Apps to Remove Audio From Video Android

Android is the most used and popular mobile operating system, there are affordable devices and infact almost everyone has access to an Android device. Android has several apps on the web or stores which offers more functionality to the device, more features and most times they are free. How about if you have a video which you want to remove the audio and then add a background music, that will be possible on your device. So we have shared some of the best Android apps to remove audio from video on any android device.

There are apps that does this, but I will explain how they work so you will learn how to remove audio from video easily. All you need is an android device, there are no demanding requirements needed like 2GB RAM, or a specific processor, you can make use of this on your Android device. I shared 7+ best apps to remove audio from video android, this works on some of the best Android apps like best utility apps, best music apps, etc. So if you like video editing, then these apps will come in handy for you.

Best Android Apps To Remove Audio From a Video

Android makes it easier for you, now you can use audio editing apps to perfect your videos, audio editing hasn't been so easy to use. So if you do not have a PC or your PC doesn't meet the requirements to run RAM demanding programs, you do not need to keep trying software you don't like on your computer. So that's why I have shared some of the best audio editing apps for Android in 2020.

1. VLC

Remove Audio From Video Android
how to remove audio from video

This is still the best video audio editor for your Android smartphone, it is also available on Windows PC. This app has so many cool features, it is open source, and also plays the most multimedia files like .MKV videos. It also have a studio editing program inbuilt that lets you add audio to any video, add subtitle and lots more. Since it is open-source you enjoy a great ad-free experience, the app is free and there are no restrictions to which device or country can make use of the app.

2. Add Audio to Video

Remove Audio From Video Android

An Android app will lots of positive rating will surely rank higher and get lots of attention, and 'Add Audio to Video' is no exception. It is the best Android app to remove audio from video android device. It lets you modify any video, add or remove audio, make dubbing videos, increase or decrease the original video audio, etc. Why this app is very good is it doesn't waste your time composing the video editing, rather it lets you see what changes you've made through preview.

3. Add Audio to Video