How to Change Navigation Bar Icons on Android (Working)

The best method to change your Android Navigation bar icon is working, it doesn't leave your device vulnerable to attacks and root is not needed. Now you can change Navigation Bar Icons in Android easily, it can be customized for free. This is one of the best Android tricks you'll need to learn, works on most Android devices.
Change Navigation Bar Icons on Android

The Navigation Bar is located at the button of an Android screen, it is used to move to a next page, previous, minimize a windows and so on. Most devices comes with the Home, Back, Recent buttons on-screen like latest Android phones. The default  theme of your device leaves these icons un-customized, so you will need the best icon packs or best launchers able to apply on the Navigation panel.

So this trick works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, it is a simple step that needs to be followed carefully, also you will need a PC for this to work, so here I have shared how to change Navigation bar icons on Android 2020.

Change Navigation Bar Icons On Android

So this is the main section where I have shared the best method to change navigation bar icons on Android smartphones in 2020. So read on to learn how to set customs icons on Android's navigation bar.

1. We need an Android app for this, so download & install 'Custom Navigation Bar' App [3MB].

Change Navigation Bar Icons

2. Open the app on your smartphone and click on 'Get Started'.

3. Next you'll see some steps to follow to connect your phone to your computer (Enabling USB Debugging Mode).

4. If you do not see Developers options > USB Debugging, then tap on your device build number 10 times.

5. So now it has been enabled and USB cord connected to your PC, launch CMD (Command Prompt)
- Press Windows Key + R to open run.
- Type CMD to open command prompt.

6. On Command Prompt, type in the following command line.

adb shell pm grant xyz.paphonb.systemuituner android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

7. After you run that, the yellow screen on the app will then turn green, indicating it has connected successfully.

8. Next tap the 'Finish' button so you can access the app on your Android phone.

9. So tap the 'Navigation Bar', then 'Experimental Tweaks', you'll see three button options here.

Change Navigation Bar Icons

10. The Three Buttons which are Back, Home, and Overview all have a sub-heading called 'Type', so tap on anyone you wish to edit.

Change Navigation Bar Icons

11. Finally you can select the custom icon you wish, it will then be applied.

So that is the best and safest method to use a Custom Navigation Bar to change the navigation bar icon on Android (Keys). Though this app has some cool icons, you might want to try other similar apps on Android for more options.

Hopefully this article helped you learn how to change navigation bar icons on Android. If you helped you get what you wanted, then share it with your friends, they will appreciate the tutorial also.


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