5 Best Advice To Preserve Your Battery Lifespan (Charging Tips) 2019

A smartphone battery consists of a lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery (abbreviated as LIB) is a type of rechargeable battery. The battery of a smartphone is very valuable because it is what keeps your phone turned on for a long time. If you do not learn some helpful tips to Preserve Your Battery Lifespan 2019, you risk losing the slow discharging.
Make Your SmartPhone Battery Last Longer

You need to keep your phone battery as healthy as possible. If not, it won't last long the way it should. Most people are aware, when you buy a new smartphone, the sellers/company tells you to charge your phone for at least 6 hours. Doing this will make the battery strong.

So to have more time/ access using your smartphone, you need to make sure you do the right things, and what are the right things? This article will teach you 5 tips to make your smartphone battery last longer.

Tips To Keep Your SmartPhone Healthy:

1. Don't Over Charge:

Some SmartPhone users overlook this Tip and this is one of what destroys a SmartPhone battery. Leaving your battery to Over Charge can make the battery weak. And if the battery is weak it brings other disadvantages like - The phone not charging fast, the phone discharging more than usual. 

So, if for a reason you need to charge your phone and you know you are not going to be around it, do not charge it till your ready.

This can happen to everyone - My battery is 2% and its already Night {10:57pm}, and I want to charge my phone and am so sleepy, what I can do at this moment is to put the SmartPhone on charging and look for the estimated time the phone is meant to full using any of the inbuilt programs, and then set an alarm to the estimated time. 

There are several Lock screen apps which shows the estimated Time of when a smartphone is meant to full, check them here: Top 10 Lock Screen Apps For Android 2017

2. Do Not Charge Your Phone And Use At The Same Time:

Most people are fond of doing this, as this is more common in our everyday life, even my little brother uses his Phone to Play Games and at the same time charges it.

Doing this will make the phone charge slower and at the same time reduce the battery life. You must have noticed that charging and using your SmartPhone will make the Phone remain in the same battery percent, Not Charging or discharging. 

So if you have been doing this before, it is about time you stop this and let your battery phone be Full before using.

3. Don't Let Phone Battery Go Lower Than 30%:

This is a new development that I got just to know, I am also a victim of using my SmartPhone to the point of it switching off. And I learned that this reduces battery life gradually and can even spoil the battery.

I have experience with this, my SmartPhone usually turns off when it reaches a critical level of 10% and that isn't normal. So to avoid/ fix this, I had to start minimizing my Phone performance when it reaches 50%. Not doing this can also make your smartphone exceed its normal temperature. This wonderful site covers more information on how to boost your cell phone battery life. The below article will show you how to do that.

4. Limiting Your Device Performance:

You can do this by using power-saving mode on your SmartPhone. Doing this will;

- Limit your device's performance
- Restrict Location services and most background data
- Emails, Messages and other apps that rely on syncing may not be updated unless you open them.

So this will Extend your battery life when activated. A wonderful feature right? Every device has a different location to discover the Power Saving Mod,. so I wouldn't give any tutorial on how to find it.

5. Regularly Clearing Phone RAM:

The Ram of most SmartPhone is low while some are high, for example, check out the Ram of Innjoo Fire 4 SmartPhone and Nokia 8 SmartPhone.

So if your phone is using more than enough Ram, this will likely make your Phone battery to discharge faster. Running apps can be stopped from your device.

This happens a lot to someone I know, the person usually plays music with his/her SmartPhone and forgets to clear the Ram, the next time the phone gets checked, the battery has drastically discharged.
Checking and clearing your Ram regularly is completely recommended.

Follow All The Steps Found Above And You Will Definitely Enjoy Your SmartPhone. 

By doing these, you will not face a nightmare of seeing your battery not working the way it should, without following the 5 steps above, buying a new battery will not solve it.

These are 5 Tips To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer. So guys, hope you enjoyed my article, my heart will be full of joy seeing comments that these Tips works for them.


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