Connected | Saudi Mobily Social Free Unlimited Internet via UT Loop VPN

We have now added Saudi Arabia tweaks on UT Loop VPN for both free internet browsing and cheap bundles for powering all applications such as Twitter Unlimited Social Bundle Pack. Saudi free unlimited internet is now connected, you can power all apps using cheap subscription like Mobily 30 SAR, 75 SAR, 150 SAR, 180 SAR, and 220 SAR Prepaid Bundles.
Saudi Mobily Social Free Unlimited

This is the best social bundle that can be powered by UT Loop VPN because they offer unlimited chatting, this means with a tunnel VPN, you can use the social bundles to browse unlimited, download, stream and upload files as well.

UT Loop VPN is the best tunnel VPN, we have provided an accurate information regarding Saudi Mobily social bundle plans for Free Unlimited internet, you do not need to make use of renewable .ehi file, or purchase a setting for it, rather, you will get it free and easy to setup using the VPN. One-click connect and you are good to go, also it has been updated with other unlimited free internet, so enjoy!

UT Loop VPN Features (Saudi Mobily Free)

UT Loop VPN, that is also known as UcheTechs Loop VPN is a proxy Tunnel VPN with HTTP, SSH, and SSL connections with high-speed and encrypted VPN connections.

Restricted websites and apps can be accessed using the inbuilt servers available.

Additionally, we offer the latest free internet access by using our built-in proxy tweaks to bypass IP based restrictions/domain/billings.

[Other Features Included]
- Custom Payload / SNI
- DNS Forwarder
- Custom Tweak Options
- UDP Forwarder
- Server Name Indication

  • After downloading, open the VPN
  • Make sure you use internet to launch the VPN for remote update.
  • Next, accept the update and then on server, choose any server.
  • On Tweaks, choose SAU| Mobily, this depends on the subscribed social plan.

    Saudi Mobily Social

  • Now head to the app home screen and tap the red button to connect.
  • You will now be using the social bundle plan for Saudi Mobily free internet unlimited browsing.

    Saudi Mobily Social Free Unlimited Internet

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Saudi Mobily Social Settings for UT Loop VPN

Mobily Prepaid Bundles offers National minutes to all networks, Social Media apps & a lot of Data! Before you begin, you need to make sure you are eligible to subscribe and also you need to follow the guidelines to successfully activate the social bundle, so read carefully.


1. The data and call offer is available when you purchase through Mobily App or a Digital store.

2. This is a one time subscription for new subscribers, a new sim is needed after the promo stops on the SIM.
3. This offer will not allow you to get the same for other bundles, also it cannot be accumulated.

4. Saudi Mobily does not allow tethering of the social media data (hotspot), but with UT Loop VPN, it allows it.

5. We are going to use the social bundle for free internet access using UT Loop VPN, it works perfectly and very fast in downloading.

New Prepaid Bundles Packages Features and Fees

The below image contains the Social Media apps allowed, price and validity, data cap available, limited and unlimited calls & data for the promo, subscription codes, and auto-renew cancellation.

Saudi Mobily Free Unlimited Internet

I hope this post was able to make you enjoy Saudi Mobily Social Prepaid unlimited free internet. Our VPN supports Android 6.0 and up, 5.0 will get tweaks update on Google Playstore. Share with others so we can continue providing this and also growing.


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