PUBG Mobile Free UC in 0.19.0 update (Legal and Working)

PUBG Mobile is the most popular game for smartphones, it can be played on PC, iOS, and Android devices. It is among the best battle royale games for mobile, it also have millions of users worldwide. I have shared a legal method to get Free UC in 0.19.0 update, this will help you get cool skins and premium pass free without paying with actual money.
PUBG Mobile Free UC

PUBG Mobile, unlike CODm has various ways to earn Unknown Cash so you can get those features and enjoy the game more like other rich gamers. The methods shared on this post works perfectly and doesn't risk your account getting banned, this is just like a regular tip or content like any other legal ones just like best weapons, best loot locations, and the likes.

So today, we will show you a tip to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile game, works for all platforms and any region.

Uses of UC in PUBG Mobile

UC can also be known as Unknown Cash, it is a virtual money which can be used to get expensive items in the game store like premium outfits, premium crates, royale pass, cool weapons, charms, and so on.

I found this UC to be very important to alot of users, I know the feeling of making use of old skins of previous seasons, or weapons, when others have upgraded to the latest, though I am not a person that purchases premium pass and the likes since I play for fun, others doesn't see it that way, some have followers on Twitch, Youtube and other social platforms, so getting the latest roayle pass contents will be entertaining to their users, like how the popular iFerg does on YouTube.

How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile?

So we have covered how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile, it is easy and doesn't require much of your time, you can get the UC on GPT websites, they have offers, simple tasks, and surveys you need to complete to earn some money. I have provided 3 trusted websites that provide these less effort opportunities to PUBG Mobile gamers so they can get free UC in the game.

1. Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Rewards

As you can see, Google provides such rewards, so this very much legal, you do not need to worry about account suspension, or ban. Anyways, Google Opinion Reward is a mobile app that has numerous surveys that makes you earn Google Play Credit. The surveys are mostly easy to answer questions, some question might include "Which background image is the best", "which clothing looks good", e.t.c. So after completing the surverys, you earn Google Play Credit, it can be used to purchase PUBG Mobile UC.

2. GrabPoints

Now this isn't an app, it is a website that has no much difference to GOR, this has some tasks that are time consuming, while some aren't. Surveys need to be completed by downloading apps you most likely won't be interested on, watching videos, answering surveys and similar. But it is trusted and the best way to purchase PUBG Mobile UC. The points/coins earned can be exchanged for multiple rewards like gift vouchers also.

3. Swagbucks

Here is another website that helps you get rewards for completing tasks, it is very similar to Swagbucks, though the notable difference is you cannot obtain the Google Play Gift card, it can only be gotten when you obtain the voucher of the e-commerce store and then buy the Gift card. The website requires you sign in to save your rewards and also create a profile.

Important Things To Note:

Please note these website shared here are the best and you should make use of this only, but you can try other website trusted i might not be aware about, but make sure you do not fall for the traps of UC Generator, PUBG Mobile Mod Apk websites, such are fake and can get your account banned, so be careful guys.

So here you go, this is how you can get free UC in PUBG Mobile, I hope you were able to benefit from this. Share it with your friends also.


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