Gun Blood Strike Apk MOD Download for Android (FPS Game)

How you can download and install this new First Person Shooter game called Gun Blood Strike Apk for Android. This game was released on March 1st and it is one of the best first person shooter games on console and Android.
Gun Blood Strike

Blood Strike Apk

Gun Blood Strike is another first-person shooter game which is very similar to popular FPS games like Modern combat 5 and Call of Duty. This app also lets you connect with your Facebook friends, you can also play demanding game modes like Team Death Match, Battle against Zombies, and even Solo Battle.

This game is very popular across Facebook, currently it is still the most played and liked games on FB as there are many fan communities playing the game.  So you can make friends very easily and get to enjoy the game's events.

The game forum is filled with topics relevant to the game, frequently asked questions, tips and tutorials about the game. This game also makes your payment worth it, despite it is not a pay to win game. So I think blood strike game is the best and still considered as a safe to play game for anyone that wants to invest their time and money on the game.

Also, not everyone likes to pay for equipment, so you can play the game for free and if you are good, you do not need to get better ones. To make the game more fun for you, try staying on top of events, winning continuously to unlock new abilities and also purchase new weapons in the game if possible.

Blood Strike is an MMOFPS which is considered cool as other games in the same category or genre. The game features quick matches with considerably small maps but advanced game modes which requires a good IQ and teamwork.

There will be no need looking for or downloading huge files and searching the Internet for patches to face online shootout. Blood Strike allows the users to participate in online matches as they try to improve their arsenal of weapons and equipment.

Also if you are stuck or have issues accessing your game, their active community is there for the help at all times. Additionally, you can login using your Facebook account so it serves as a backup for your game progress and also make it easier to connect with your friends. But if you feel insecure to sign in with your account, you can use your email. Blood Strike offers all you need from strategic combat to casual matches on well defined maps as well as the fabulous Zombie Mode.

Gun Blood Strike Features

This game has many features, I have discussed Blodd Strike Apk features below.

Improving your Player/Soldier

Gun Blood Strike allows accumulating of credits to improve weapons, also you can choose the best pieces of equipment available in the game and they can be exchanged with others, this helps you choose which of the kit you want so you can face the targets placed before you by the game.

Additionally, you can purchase special credits with the in-game purchase, not with virtual currencies in the game, but with real money. Such weapons can only be acquired through this means to serve as a means of earning for the developers and also for those who deeply love Blood Strike and wants to be a deadly soldier to defeat opponents and win matches.

Finding your Class

Players who plays the same style as you will always exist. So as you play, you find players in the same rank with you and you can create bonds of friendship. Easily, a clan can be created this way and you all can train together to be among the best players in the game. It is an interesting way to interact with other players, this helps you fight to gain prominence and higher position within Blood Strike.

gun blood fight
gun blood fight

In addition, as you play you earn rewards and achievements like medals, this can be earned by completing in-game tasks or logging in daily. This type of rewards helps pushes you further to earn these rewards, these tasks are harder to get and as you get them, it makes it more fun.

Quick Matching

Even though Gun Blood Strike is a new game, it is not hard finding a player to match you with. This is easier when you register with Facebook, so when you open the game for the first time, you can see players on your list so you can join a fight fast.

Some players are noobs, while some are pro, so if you are a pro, you should have no problem with the game. Using your strategic ability and aim accuracy, you can win matches and beat your opponent easily, making you one of the best soldiers in the game community.

3D Visuals

The Blood Strike graphics are very good and plays well on most high and low end devices. It's graphics and gameplay are very similar to the classic Counter-Strike game. So even with the weak textures, poor shadows and reflections, the gameplay and available features makes it almost impossible to notice these, so it is not a problem.

Commands with Good Response

Gun Blood Strike’s gameplay and controls are very efficient, you can easily move and command your player and it will act based on your wishes. The game's MS Ping server is always okay so its easy for you to play without frustration like your opponent seeing you before you even see them, or you shooting first and you opponent still knocks you down, or when you move and your high ping moves seconds late.

Also the game has a well composed menu and game sound effects, so you do not get bored easily while playing or making some selections. Actually the game's sound is similar to other MMOFPS in terms of it's war-like sound effects.

Online system

Every FPS Online game has a cash system which means you must pay to get the top weapons which makes your mission rather easy. Just like other games, there are 2 type of money: Cash and Point. Cash allows you to purchase stronger weapons not available for free in the store, these guns are always Nerf after few seasons

Sadly, only few equipment are free and accessible, large parts of them can only be gotten with real money, some requires purchasing of crates which doesn't guarantee you'll get what you intended to get, so it's purely gambling and you loss so much money, spending more than needed.

Download Gun Blood Strike Apk Mod for Android


  • Protuguese
  • Fast controls
  • Cool gameplay
  • Casual and Professional matches
  • Classic and well-defined graphics
  • Easy installation
  • Supports Android 4.1 and up


  • Manageable Visual
  • Below average sound set

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Install and enjoy the gameplay.


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