Latest MTN Free Browsing (Accumulate) Over 57GB data Now!

MTN Free Browsing is back, at least for now. You can accumulate over 57GB worth of data and it can be used to download, stream, and browse. There is no VPN needed for this, it works perfectly on iPhone and Android as of the time I wrote this post, so get yours now before it's blocked.
500MB data from MyMTN app

You can accumulate over 57GB using MyMTN app, all you need to do is accumulate the Free 500MB up to 114 times. So we all know it's almost impossible to do this, so I am actually saying there is no limit on the amount of data you can get.

The MyMTN app is not offering these huge data as a promo, it's impossible. So what is happening here is that there is a glitch on the application, so before it gets fixed, you can actually accumulate as much as possible. Also do not accumulate what you cannot exhaust, MTN will remove all data during the glitch fix.

There is still time to get yours, this came back just this evening, so as soon as it was discovered, I made sure to get you all updated so you do not lack behind. So let's see how you can accumulate 500MB data on your MTN sim 2020.

How to get and accumulate more than 500MB data from MyMTN app

500MB data from MyMTN app

The requirements might be an issue here, but it works perfectly fine, also make sure you have not gotten the MyMTN app free 500MB on your sim card or it will not work, I have included the requirements below, so read them carefully.
  • New Welcome Back SIM (Or Any sim not used for 500Mb in the past).
  • MyMTN app on Google Playstore or Apple Store.
  • Android or iPhone (iOS) devices.


  1. Download and Install MyMTN application
  2. Sign in to the application with a new MTN phone number not used in getting the 500MB in the past.
  3. Next change your phone's internet settings to 2G network, the option can be selected.
  4. Now open the MyMTN app and tap on the 'Click to Activate data and crack the egg to view offer MTN4ME!'
    - and click the BACK button of your phone immediately for this glitch-free data to be effective.
  5. Repeat this process and you'll be seeing free 500MB on your phone when you dial *131*4#.
  6. You can accumulate as much as possible until you are satisfied.
  7. It will keep working as far as you see the 500MB Free Data +a free offer message on the dashboard.
  8. If it doesn't show anymore, then it means you weren't fast enough and that will be the end for that SIM - A new one will be needed.

It is always good to tell the bad news last after the good news, so the cons of this are that it lasts for just 24 hours. After 24 hours, that sim cannot enjoy this offer anymore, so accumulate wisely and don't waste time thinking 57GB is useful, though it is if you have games to download like GTA V or Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Make sure you join our Telegram Channel here, we need some certain amount of members more to share a new Glo free browsing, if it gets blocked before we reach our target, then it will not be shared. Also follow us on Facebook, comment if you have any questions.


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