UT Loop Free Internet & Gaming VPN (September Updates)

UT Loop VPN has not be talked about for quite sometime, the VPN is still up and running. It has the latest and working free internet tweaks embedded on the app, it also has varieties of free servers from locations hardly seen on any VPN applications for android today. Servers like Switzerland, UAE, Brazil e.t.c are on the VPN, it also supports WhatsApp Calls and Gaming.
UPDATE: UT LOOP v1.7 is OUT, you can update now!
UT Loop Free Internet

Recently we added new tweaks along side the servers we've talked about on the VPN. Different countires can make use of the VPN to browse the internet for free, or/and power all apps on their smartphone with a social or streaming plan meant for specific purposes by their ISP like a WhatsApp social bundle.

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We've added Spain Vodafone unlimited free internet browsing, though this is a developed country, some still feel they need to access the internet for free, so we've added that. We'll talk about some newly added tweaks below of UT Loop VPN, their purposes and the upcoming updates to the VPN.

UT Loop VPN Free Internet Countries Tweaks (September 2020)

So I'll mention the newly added tweaks as of 16-09-2020 to UT Loop VPN Gaming application. We've had a hardtime trying to get our servers running due to lack of earning on the app over the past few months, fortunately, we found a legal and cheaper way to get our server running monthly, so we adde new tweaks for many countries while updating the servers.

1. Bangladesh Unlimited: We've added a new unlimited free internet browsing for Grameenphone sim card. This does not require any active data plan to manage, it is free and also unlimited.

2. Jamica Flow $2: Currently, we are still the only VPN with access to the $2 bundle for Jamica flow data plan. You can browse using this data plan the way you like without facing connection issues.

UT Loop Free Internet

3. Kazakhstan Unlimited: If you are from kazakhstan, you aren't left out. Our aim is to provide working free internet for all countries, making sure no one that can't afford expensive data plans is left offline. So we have added an unlimited internet tweaks for this as well.

4. Mozambican Unlimited: Thanks to one of our fan on Telegram, we were able to add the most used tweak on our VPN. It was used as a custom tweak, so the host was shared to me and it was added. Still the only VPN that has securely embedded the host.

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5. Mexico Telcel: We also made some research and found out the best free browsing and downloading host for the Mexican users. This provides unlimited free internet browsing, there are no data cap.

6. Nigeria MTN DS: Nigeria MTN Data sim has caused controversy over the past week by a child, but that is in the past now. I've added this free internet browsing for those with access to the sim card, we are still working on getting it working for all sim card as the tweaks depends on a special kind of server IP starting with 42.**.

7. Peru Bitel Free: Here's the first Peru tweak added to our VPN, I have confirmed this to be working as of early this month. It gives free internet access to all Bitel sim card, enjoy while it lasts.

8. Saudi Arabia STC: I've added both STC TV and STC Social tweak for SAU users. This is the first STC tweak embedded on the VPN, though we planned not initially due to poor ratings on UT Loop VPN on playstore from the country forcing us to add the tweak.

9. UAE STC: Fortunately, UAE users will be able to get the fastest speed using this unlimited tweak on their country because they have a server on the VPN for their country. Still, we are the only Free browsing VPN on the internet providing this server for UAE STC, DU, UFone users.

10. Many more tweaks have been added and updated: In the coming days, we've provide an update for Android 4 and 5 users facing crash issues, this also applies to Android 10 user after the SDK update of our VPN to version 1.5. The v1.6 update will resolve this issue, updating the VPN will be mandotary for all users.

Download UT Loop VPN (v1.4)

UT Loop Free Internet

So incase you do not have the VPN, you can download our latest version below. It has crash issue after our recent update last week, so if you currently have our VPN and not the latest version, kidnly hold on for playstore update in the coming days.

While you wait, Rate us Five star on Google Play here - loop.uchetechs.vpn

--> Here's our Telegram Channel so you can know what the new free internet is. We can be contacted on our Facebook Page as well.

If you have any tweaks you want added to UT Loop VPN, then contact the admin. We have the best servers and our VPN currently has no advertisement, so until then, get the best experience possible now.


  1. am from GHANA.. i use mtn.. I have all the settings and is not working.. i have android version 9...samsung s8+ and it Supports Android 5.0/1 (6.0) - 11

    all this are done>>
    Then go to your phone settings and set 'private DNS' to "automatic" and save.
    With this, you can also begin watching videos on Facebook, YouTube e.t.c.
    Toggle on UDP & DNS Forwarder, then on DNS Forwarder, input; on UT Loop LITE. the ut loop lite app connet good but site and youtube not working... any HELP?????

    1. Guess the DNS is already overused, another will be needed

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