Latest MTN YouTube Unlimited Free Browsing Settings For UT Loop VPN

 MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack Unlimited Free browsing settings for UT Loop VPN is now available, you can tunnel the MTN YouTube bundle for downloading, browsing, chatting on social media, and still stream with it unlimited. I've also shared the custom settings for the MTN YouTube unlimited streaming bundle.

MTN YouTube Bundle Unlimited Browsing

The MTN YouTube Bundle is available in 3 plans; 1 hour streaming for N50, 3 hours streaming for N130, 500MB streaming for N50 (11PM-6AM), Weekly 2GB for N200 (11PM-6AM). Our main focus here is the 1-hour streaming and 3 hours streaming because it is cheaper and since there is no data attached to it like the 500MB & 2GB plan, UT Loop VPN has been able to make it unlimited, with over 10GB used already.


MTN Video Pack Plans

Trick: Here's a trick, the 1 hour streaming for N50 and 3 hours streaming for N130 is actually unlimited. Also, you can download unlimited for 24 hours free without any additional payment even after the 1 hour or 3 hour time has elapsed. For this YouTube video packs trick to work, you must not watch "YouTube" videos without connecting the VPN, make sure you are always connected. So technically, you are paying N50 or N130 for unlimited free browsing which lasts 24 hours (1 day).

So get your MTN SIM Ready, it is not sim selective and you don't also have to be on any tariff plan to make use of this. But below are the requirements for this to work as intended.

MTN YouTube Bundle Unlimited Browsing Subscription Code & Settings


  • Device: Android smartphone
  • App: UT Loop VPN v2.0
  • Android version: Android 6.0+
  • SIM: 3G| 4G Recommended
  • Bundle: MTN Video Packs


1. First, Download & Install UT Loop VPN here.
- Make sure you launch it with the internet for tweaks update.

MTN YouTube Bundle UT Loop

2. On your MTN Sim, dial *131#, select 8 (video packs), select 1 (YouTube packs).

3. Next, subscribe to either the first or the second MTN YouTube bundle plan.

4. To check balance, dial *131*8*1*5#.

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  1. Launch UT Loop VPN application you've installed.
  2. You will receive an OTA update of tweaks and servers (Internet required).
  3. On the Tweaks section, scroll down to NGA, choose NGA| MTN YouTube Unlimited.
  4. While on the server section, select NGA| MTN YouTube Server.
  5. Tap the glowing connect button, wait for a few seconds, and enjoy unlimited internet.
MTN YouTube Bundle UT Loop

(Settings For Custom Users)
  1. If you need the manual setting, then tap the menu button at the top left.
  2. On UT Loop VPN, toggle on "Custom Tweak", then tap to open.
  3. On the mode, select "Direct".
  4. Next, choose the "Generate" button.

    MTN YouTube Bundle UT Loop

  5. Here are the Payload Generator settings for MTN YouTube Pack;
    - Select MERGER.
    - URL Host:
    - Request Method: CONNECT.
    - Tick X-Online-Host.
    - Tick Keep Alive.
    - Tick User-Agent.

    MTN YouTube Bundle UT Loop

  6. Now tap the "GENERATE" button, and save.
  7. Head back, select NGA | MTN YouTube Bundle server and connect.

I'll be updating this article if there are new findings concerning the MTN YouTube Video Pack bundle settings via UT Loop VPN. This is currently the best free browsing and latest free internet trick for MTN Nigeria users. Make sure you leave your questions via the comment box, also share with your friends and family.


  1. does it mean i can subscribe n enjoy another 24 hours unlimited browsing?

  2. Or does it require internet before it could work because its not working for me

  3. pls do i have to possess data before it can connect

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  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I followed every step u mentioned, it's not working for me. Please we need more guidance

  7. is not working for me or is't blocked?

    1. It has been unlocked again, confirmed working today.

    2. It is now 150 for 1hour hope it is still working

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. UT Loop VPN works for Android 6.0 and up, seems you are using an older version. Please upgrade to a better version like 9.0. Tweaks will not be updated for such devices.

    Also make sure to clear cache and data if you recently updated from v1.8 to the latest v2.0.


  10. Ut VPN keeps detecting sniffing app and disconnects

  11. Update 7/12/2020: MTN YT is now working again

  12. Thank you very much Oga mi for your hard work. Please is the manual settings on this post still valid? Am asking coz my phone is android 5.0 so I don't get the server OTA update.

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