Search Engine Launched: Rivalry To Google Search Engine is the latest search engine that could compete woth Google Search, it was developed by former Salesforce chief scientist Richard Socher. The web-search promises to be free from click-bait content which helps advertisers gain more audience without providing what they promised, also promises to come with useful privacy controls, verified products reviews and lots more. Here's what you should know about, and get their limited time offer that gives you a custom email. Search Engine

SEE ALSO7 Best Online Hidden Google Games in Google Search will not rely on advertising like Google search, rather you will get your search results from websites providing useful informations, no one can pay to get their click-bait or low-quality website above other good contents. The website currently live is now taking a limited time registrations for early access, you also stand a chance to get a custom email address others won't have the oppotunity to get when it is fully launched, so make use of their link to join here.

we'll never sells your data to advertisers or follows you around the rest of the Internet. claims it takes the rights of users very seriously by supporting them with the right tools, making it easy for them to search and shop based on their interests. They promised their reviews comes from real users and experts, there are no paid reviews, they include both the pros and cons of the product you have in mind very swiftly.

The previous employee Sales force added, "The biggest impact thing we can do in our lives right now is to build a trusted search engine with AI and natural language processing superpowers to help everyone with the various complex decisions of their lives, starting with complex product purchases, but also being general from the get-go as well." Incase you are curious, the major difference between and is that will not focus on advertising for ranking and results, other notable differences also includes privacy features.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and venture capitalist Jim Breyer which are the primary investors on are still actively working together with their team to build the product, currently there is no official commercial launch known yet. What do you think about this new search engine? Will it reach the quality of Google Search?


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