Ghana MTN Free Browsing Trick (APN MMS) via UT Loop VPN

 Ghana MTN users have been enjoying unlimited free internet browsing for quite some time using UT Loop LITE VPN & an MTN APN Trick to get the free internet trick working. I have shared MTN Ghana free browsing APN MMS Unlimited free internet and social bundle settings for UT Loop LITE VPN in 2021, both custom and in-built settings.

Ghana MTN Free Browsing Trick MMS APN

Update: 07/06/2021 we have updated this article with finally a working method to power all apps with UT Loop Lite, we have also added this tweak on UT Loop Pro VPN.

Ghana hardly gets free browsing internet, but this time there is one and it needs some tweaking on your APN to get it working alongside UT Loop LITE VPN (PRO has some direct tweak method issue). OLX website seems to be the website powering MTN Ghana users to browse mostly social media websites for free, social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes, but it doesn't work for youtube.

We will share how to use the MTN Ghana MMS APN trick on YouTube via the DNS Forwarder method on UT Loop LITE 2021. It is actually unlimited and does not have any data cap, also there is no way to make it work for all applications, no hidden method is there to know, that's just how the tweak is.

Features of UT Loop LITE VPN

  • User Friendly
  • Supports Android 5.0/1 (6.0) - 11
  • No config files
  • DNS Forwarder option
  • UDP Forwarder option
  • Custom tweak option (generate)
  • Superfast servers
  • MTN Ghana Unlimited APN MMS working
  • Stable connection & unlimited bandwidth

UT Loop LITE MTN Ghana Unlimited Free Browsing Internet Settings

  • Download UT Loop LITE application (VPN) from playstore
  • Launch the application with the internet (Android 6 & above for OTA update)
  • Next, accept the latest over-the-air updates for the latest servers and tweaks.
  • On the server, select MTN Ghana Unlimited from the list.
  • While on Tweak, select MTN Ghana Unlimited MMS APN.
  • Now go to your phone Apn and change it from MTN GH to MMS, then save.

Ghana MTN MMS APN Trick

  • Head back to the VPN Application and hit the connect button.

Ghana MTN MMS APN Trick

  • After it has connected, you now have access to unlimited free social media.

Info: Use this host for the custom tweak in case you do not want to use the in-built config on the VPN application

"UNLOCK HTTP/1.1 [protocol][crlf]Host: HTTP/1.1[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf]User-Agent: 200OK \n \n"

How to Power all apps with MTN Ghana MMS cheat on YouTube (NEWLY Updated)

How to Make YouTube, Playstore, WhatsApp Status, Facebook, and all other Google Apps work on MTN GH Unlimited MMS Cheat.
  • Toggle on UDP & DNS Forwarder, then on DNS Forwarder, input; on UT Loop LITE.
  • Then go to your phone settings and set 'private DNS' to "automatic" and save. 
  • With this, you can also begin watching videos on Facebook, YouTube e.t.c.


  1. Please does it work for mtn in nigeria

    1. Pls mine has stopped.. only Facebook and WhatsApp is working

  2. Hello boss, please I need the Vodafone Ghana host for custom tweak because the inbuilt isn't working with different servers except MTN Ghana MMS server🙏

    1. So you need it to use it on another app right? Sorry, no post for Vodafone with custom tweak this time as we did for MTN mms

  3. Please I want to access to GH MTN UNLIMITED MMS APN

  4. I'm finding it difficult to make it work with youtube and other apps like netflix

  5. Please i cant get the software to work for me.

  6. Other apps like YouTube isn't working

  7. I've been using the hack for close to 6 months and all of a sudden it's not working. Anytime I switch my APN from MTN internet to the mms version, the data doesn't turn on

  8. I've been using the hack for close to 4months and all of a sudden it's not working. Anytime I switch my APN from MTN internet to the mms version, the data doesn't turn on

  9. So that means they changed the MMS for now

  10. Now the mms doesn't work anymore, pls is there any solution for that

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