How to Use UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN For all Countries 2021

 UT Loop PRO VPN has been launched officially on Google Playstore, this development was on-going for more than a month. UT Loop PRO is an HTTP/SSH/SSL VPN that comes with free servers and tweaks for different countries, this is obviously an upgraded version of UT Loop LITE. This post contains all you need to know., how to use UT Loop VPN and its config settings for free internet in any country.

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN

This update is live on Google Playstore, the VPN comes with all the features you all demanded, that's the reason for the long delay since we began development in early December 2020. The VPN currently has 8 working servers from different regions and this time, they all support Online Gaming, Whatsapp Calls, and Online Streaming on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

UT Loop PRO improves your internet browsing security and speed, it also makes sure your IP is protected while browsing. UT Loop PRO VPN also supports gaming, you can play games with a good connection without ping issues. I have tested the VPN on Call of Duty Mobile. PUBG Mobile, and PES 21 Mobile. So there are some games with the assurance it completely supports without ping or server issues.

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The free internet tweaks available on the VPN as in-built consists of many countries such as Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Egypt, (STC Bundles and Social Bundles included), Palestine, and so much more. The VPN is the most organized free browsing VPN you can find on Google Play Store, the tweaks are arranged in an alphabetic order just like the LITE version, you can easily get the country you need, and also it's bundled via the name.

There is so much to cover in this post, such as how to create a custom server, how to make use of the import and export function, and how to use the VIP server. So seat and relax, we are going ahead to the full features and functionality of UT Loop PRO free internet VPN in 2021.

UT Loop PRO - SSL/SSH/HTTP Features 2021

These are the full feature of UT Loop PRO, how to use and all frequently asked questions have been answered here. Make sure you read this post or use the TIPS button on the VPN for your troubleshooting. We listed only the unknown features to you all, not the known ones which we reviewed for UT Loop LITE such as custom tweaks, generate tweaks and DNS options.

1. Custom Server

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN
Custom Server

This feature has been requested several times by you all in the channel, we listened and although it was very hard, we got it implemented and working. Currently, our VPN is among the few actually working custom server features among other free internet VPNs on Google Play. With a custom server, you can create your free account from any ssh website like fast ssh, vpnjantit, e.t.c (3 days or 7 days).

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After that, you can easily input the IP, username, and password, we have the ports already added on the VPN, but you can edit that if you want. Now all you need to do is toggle on the custom server and connect the VPN. Now you will no longer use the inbuilt server provided by UT Loop PRO Free internet VPN, rather you will directly use the server of the SSH account you created.

2. VIP Server

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN
VIP Server

While using this option, you don't need to create an account like you did on the custom server, rather this username and password will be provided by us. This is where we shall be sharing fast servers with you all, it could be free or paid depending on what type of server it is. For example, UT Loop LITE has been working for Glo unlimited opera free browsing for quite some time, we made it free, but it will be removed and added to the PRO version since only our VPN has that working free browsing and we need lesser users on it.

So, to get VIP login details, join our Telegram channel -, or sometimes toggle on the VIP button to see if there will be a popup with login details, but we won't likely do that, so join us on Telegram. Henceforth, we shall be sharing MTN Data SIM Free Browsing & Glo Opera Free browsing login details on the channel for use via VIP server.

3. Import & Export (.UT)

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN
.UT Config

Import means to bring in, export is to take out - So on UT Loop PRO, we now have this feature which works just like HTTP Injector and similar VPNs. But ours works differently, it is reliant on the VPN OTA Update (Over the Air Update).

For example, if you are on config version 1.3 and we released the config version 1.4 update, but you don't have internet for the v1.4 update which might probably come with new servers and tweaks, the user with internet who have updated theirs to v1.4 can use the export option to export the config on their device, they can then send it (offline-config-update.UT) to the phone with lack of internet to import the new update offline, they will get the servers and tweaks as if they had internet.

These .UT config updates will be sent on our Telegram channel sometimes, this will be helpful if you happen to have no data bundle, but you have social which works for telegram app, so you can download UT Loop PRO Config settings update and import it to your phone. Please note this feature works only on Android 6.0 - Android 9.0.

4. Port Selection

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN
Proxy Port

You might have noticed a port option below the server and tweaks section, this is the proxy ports for the server available on the VPN, it can also work for your custom tweaks. This can be helpful if you are facing issues related to not able to stream on some websites or apps, or if some apps are not being powered due to your ISP firewalls. This port can increase your free internet speed and accessibility, there are several available, it works best when you use it on our in-built servers.

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN
Custom Payload

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The port selection can over-ride our inbuilt port for our servers, this means you can get better access to some restrictions made on our VPS server while other users just make use of what is already made available to them by me. But not all ports will work as expected if they are not available on our server. 

File Information & Requirements

  • App Name: UT Loop PRO
  • Descendant: UT Loop LITE
  • Price: Free
  • Version: 1.0 (Build 1)
  • Package Name:
  • Android Support: 6.0 - 10.0
  • Developer: UcheTechs
  • Size: 20MB
  • Installs: Launched Newly.
  • Store: Google Play, Apk Pure, e.t.c

Download UT Loop PRO - Free Internet VPN (Free Browsing)

UT Loop PRO is officially on Google Play Store, but if you happen to have issues with your Google App or Account, then you can download it from Apkpure or Apkhere website. So to download UT Loop PRO, install on Google Play Store.

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If you face crash issue, select Clear Data on the VPN menu and reopen it. Unfortunately, this time Android 5.0/5.1 will be completely left out, the features are massive to work on the device, so make use of UT Loop LITE un-expiring server because we will always renew it.

How To use UT Loop PRO Free Browsing VPN Settings

Now here is how to use UT Loop PRO VPN for free unlimited internet, downloading and streaming, powering all apps with your social bundle, or using your custom payload on the VPN.

1. Have little internet data like 2MB to load all servers and tweaks.

2. Select any server (or fastest server for an optimized location) if your country bundle is not located on the server lists.

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN
Server List

3. Select your country tweak, it can be free unlimited or a social bundle which is cheap but powers all apps with the VPN.

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN
Payload List

4. Change the port if you wish, and then tap the connect button to browse free or through your social bundle.

5. Please wait till the ripple changes to green which indicates connection successful, do not disconnect during the connection process because it will crash.

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN

6. Join Our Telegram Channel for updates - Make sure you use the report bugs for VPN issues or submit payload button to share payloads/hosts for addition for your country's Internet Service Providers.

UT Loop PRO Free Internet VPN
Settings Options

So this is the massive launch! I know you love the design, we choose dark because the LITE is bright and doesn't have dark mode option, so using UT Loop PRO, you won't have to strain your eyes if your smartphone does not have night mode feature. Please leave your comment about this new developement below this blog, let me hear them and I will definately reply you.

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  4. Boss please I don't know how to use glo opera unlimited on the UT loop pro...can you please explain it to me

    1. Check old articles on the blog, it's there

  5. Glo opera unlimited doesn't appear on my apl

    1. Join us on Telegram for updates concerning such

  6. The app is perfect for android user
    Although the MTN Sudan config doesn't work I hope you fix this problem.

  7. The MTN Sudan tweak is not working

    1. Removed from the vpn because it is blocked

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  13. MTN Ghana is not working.

  14. Hello, how can I put a custom SNI host? I can't find that function anywhere.

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