TurkCell Turkey Free Unlimited Internet Trick For July 2021

Turkcell Turkey Free Unlimited Internet is our first-ever Turkey tweak for free unlimited internet browsing, this works with the help of another tunneling VPN that supports DNS protocol to browse, download, and stream for free. Here I have given the open settings for you to set it yourself too, enjoy.
TurkCell Turkey Free Unlimited Internet
With the help of Slow DNS app this time, you will be able to use it for free net trick, it is unlimited and works. This is not automatic, it works with the help of some settings, but you don't need to setup on HTTP Injector or other VPN because it will not work.

TurkCell Turkey Free Unlimited Internet works on Turkcell sim card, it doesn't use your normal data subscription to browse and it is not required, you need to have a sim with no Airtime to be on the safe side though.

Below contains the settings and requirements before you begin setting up your TurkCell Turkey Free Unlimited Internet tweak.


1. SlowDNS

2. TurkCell SIM

3. Android

Slow DNS Settings for TurkCell Turkey Free Internet

Slow DNS for Turkcell unlimited

  1. Open Slow DNS app.
  2. This is the settings:
    - Username and Password: Leave Blank
    - Server: Choose any
    - DNS Server: or any TunnelGuru Fast IP address
    - Choose: Null
    - LPort: 275, RPort: 80
    - Keep changing connection port: Tick
    - Binary Query: Don't tick
    - Click Connect
  3. Now it will begin connecting, wait for few seconds for it to read the upload and download sent and received, enjoy!


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