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    Life After is an open world zombie apocalypses game available for iOS and Android devices. It is one of the largest game in size, it is very entertaining and the story gets updated regularly. Life After app requires understanding to play, it challenges your brain, you need to build houses, defends and more to survive in a world where things have changed for good. I have shared Life After Apk+Data File download link for free, requirements, and Apk only too.
    Life After Android

    Life After app is a NetEase Games production, same developers of Cyber Hunter, and the upcoming EVE Echoes game. This role playing game is played in Third Person mode, you can repair railroad which leads to the Levin suburb area, ride a Motorcycle to break out from the enemy, build shield and lots more.

    Life After Apk has been provided for download too, some prefer the app alone so they can download the obb file inside the game, this is a safe method to make sure the data files are not corupted and you do not waste over 4GB installing a non-working file since there are no Low MB files. Nevertheless, the OBB file has also been shared for those that do not have enough space to download from playstore.

    Life After Game

    This game is more about exploration, if you do not invest more time in the game to understand it, you'll be stuck in a location for a long time, currently i am experiencing that, though I've made some Youtube research and didn't know what to do, if you passed there, let us know in the comment section. So moving forward, Life After app is an open world game which the world is now filled with a virus epidemic, there is always diseases, famine, cold, Infecteds and organization with hidden agendas.

    Life After Android Game has so many features, the recent update of 147.86MB fixes some bugs and added new resources. I have shared features you should see after you download Life After Apk + OBB File for Mobile smartphones.

    Interesting Features of Life After Game

    Life After App

    1. Different Skins

    Just like recent mobile games, Life After app has different character skins to choose from, beautiful ones for the male or female characters. The game lets you purchase them or you can also win them by completing challenges, also you can customize the player cloths, and other accessories.

    2. Infecteds

    The zombies in the game are known as Infecteds, they do not always be in human form, some are monter-like scary creatures. They are fast and lives among the forest, if someone gets infected by them, they become a threat to a growing community. Also communities which are governed by an organization might seem good to you at first, but they do not always have a good intention, so be careful with who you trust.

    3. Exploration

    Life After Android Game is has a big world that is explorable, you can explore anywhere with your Dog pet, the locations could be a city where humans lived previously that has been taken over by Infecteds, or even a broken-down college. Climate changes occurs often, so you need to scavenge essential materials so you can survive such as foods, and bandages to ten your wounds.

    4. Meet other Survivors

    There are other survivors in the game, they too are looking for supply so they can survive, some will be cool with you, but be careful because they might want to attack you for loot. Feel free to share food with them and other useful accessories like ammo for protection and adventure stories. Life After Game lets you invite your friends to the game, my username is obviously "uchetechs", just like my PUBG, PES, CODm, etc usernames. So you can send me friend requests.

    Life After Gameplay

    Video credits: AnonymousTY

    Life After Android Requirements

    • Updated: May 26, 2020
    • Size: 4GB+
    • Installs: 10,000,000+
    • Current Version: 1.0.160
    • Requires Android: 6.0 and up
    • Ram: 2GB
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.1
    Life After Requirement Android
    Life After Android

    LifeAfter App Download (Android Package)

    Life After Download PC

    How To Install Life After Apk For Android

    Life After Apk OBB Data files
    Life After Pictures/Images

    1. Install this app first.
      - It will only be useful for the installation.
    2. Now tap the game's XAPK
      - it contains the APK file + OBB data file
    3. Now it will open the app you installed and begin installing Life After app.
    4. Now ones it has finished, the files will automatically move to the right location.
    5. Enjoy Life After Android game on your device.

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