Airtel YouTube 4.5GB For N1000 [UT Loop VPN Settings]

 Airtel YouTube plan is starting to get cheaper, you can get Airtel 4.5GB for N1000 to stream youtube videos. We have added UT Loop VPN settings for you to download and browse with the Airtel YouTube bundle which is originally meant for streaming YT Videos.

Airtel YouTube 4.5GB For N1000

Airtel YouTube Plan are 3 subscriptions in number, there is 1.5GB 24hrs + Night 3GB (1-5AM), 300MB for N150 Night (1-5AM), 300MB For N300 (7 Days|24 hours). This can easily be accessible from the MyAirtel Application for Android. Most of the time, you don't even need to subscribe, Airtel gives this YouTube data for free, and it is usually in large quantity, so that's why this needs to be powered via UT Loop VPN.

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How To Subscribe to Airtel YouTube Bundle

There are two methods you can use to successfully subscribe to Airtel YouTube Pack, it can either be through the My Airtel app or USSD Code. Below is how to activate Airtel YouTube Social Plan.

  • 1. Dial *121# on your Airtel SIM.

    2. Select 2 (Buy Bundles & Services) > Select 1 (Data-Only Plans).
    - Now you will be redirected to the data-only plan's menu

    3. Select 2 (Data Bundles).

    4. Select 7 (Social Bundles).

    5. Select 6 (YouTube Video Plans).

    6. Now you will see the 3 Video Bundles Available, select 1 (Airtel YouTube 1.5GB + 3GB Night). It lasts for 30 days.

  • 1. Download and Open "My Airtel" Android App.

    2. Select "View all Offers".

    3. On "Best plans", select "Data Packs".

    4. Under "Monthly", Select "YouTube Plus 1.0" Pack.

Airtel YouTube Pack

Airtel YouTube Pack

4.1 Or Under "Weekly", Select " YouTube Pack Weekly" or "YouTube Night Weekly".

5. Subscribe to any of them and you are done.

How To Power All Apps With Airtel YouTube Bundle

1. Download "UT Loop VPN" (4MB) from Google Playstore.

2. Launch the application with at least 1MB for server updates.

3. Select "Airtel YouTube" Bundle "Server".

4. Select "Airtel YouTube" Bundle "Tweak".

5. Tap the glowing "Connect" button.

Airtel YouTube Social UT Loop VPN Settings

6. Wait for 5 seconds and it will be connected.

Note: This is not unlimited currently when you exhaust your Night or Monthly Airtel YouTube Social Bundle, UT Loop VPN will disconnect. This is a cheap data bundle, imagine getting Airtel 4.5GB - N1000 For 1 month, when on a normal day, you get 2GB for N1200.

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  1. Pls can both the data be use day and not night only

    1. The 4.5GB has it's section that can be used for day, and there is also night. The 1.5GB can be used for day and night, while the 3GB is only night 1-5AM

  2. Good day Uche, i wana find out... If I subscribe to d 1k plan... If I finish the 1.5 day plan, does that mean I have to wait for night to make use of the 3G?

  3. Good day boss man... Pls is the glo unlimited cheat still working?

  4. hello administrator for goods by vpn you could already make a server for movitel network in mozambique thank you

  5. sorry I forgot to mention that the movitel network's youtube boudle server from mozambique thank you

  6. Pls find a method for iPhone users

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