Telegram To Start Showing Ads Starting in 2021 | Feature Update Overview

After years of being Ads-Free, Telegram will begin generating revenue from Ads just like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, leaving only WhatsApp to be the only popular social platform Ads-Free. Telegram will also add paid features that regular users cannot access, these will be for Business owners, you can also earn from Telegram as they have made it possible. Here is all you need to know about these upcoming Telegram 2021 changes.

Telegram Update

On Wednesday, the owner of Telegram, Pavel Durov made this announcement in a listed format. He said since the company has increased in users, it needed "at least a few hundred million dollars per year" to main servers and provide users with satisfying service. He said it is better this idea gets implemented because it never plans to sell its app like the weak WhatsApp that did to Facebook which reduced competition and innovations for the app, so Durov said that is why more revenue is needed.

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He also said he pays all expenses for Telegram through his personal savings since launch, and now it has attracted over 500Million users, and on the track to a billion users, this will require appropriate funding, while emphasizing despite the update to sell ads space to advertisers and also launch premium features for business, Telegram free features will still remain free for life.

Some cool free features you can enjoy includes the recent update of the Telegram messaging app which brings Group Voice Chat RoomsNew Animations, and SD Card support.

Telegram SD Card support

This update has the feature of Voice Chat Rooms for your group chat, members can now have a different section to send each other voice messages if they don't feel like typing. This feature is very similar to discord for gamers, you can send an audio message in audible quality.

Obviously, Telegram always brings new animation updates, it is top-notch and one of the best. Now it loads faster and also consumes less amount of data, Telegram stickers are available to all, you don't have to download them like Images and Videos.

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Finally, what we've all been waiting for, you can now save documents, photos, and videos on your SD Card. A new Telegram folder will be created on the SD Card, simply select with a path to save it to from your Telegram app settings.


  1. Thank you for thid tjinformation. Please what about how we can earn from the app from next year?

    1. Here is how it works. If you are good at stickers, Telegram will sell it as premium stickers, you get your share of the money.

      If you also have a product to advertise, or have a group/channel where advertisers needs to share their product on, you can earn through advertising, or being a publisher.

      This time the official way, not direct adverts

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