Top 7 Telegram Bots Every Group Admin Must Use

The Top 7 Telegram Bots for Groups every admin must use in 2019. Telegram messager has Bots which can help users in finishing a task faster and to assist in a group while the admin is offline. There are many cool Telegram Bots for Groups, and I have listed the Best 7 Telegram bots 2019.
Top Best Telegram Bots for Groups

These Telegram Bots lists are for the benefit of admins, some are to reduce or totally prevent spam, also while can be used to know scammers, while some Telegram bots can be used send automatic messages, e.t.c Telegram Bots works with telegram API and anyone can create theirs which any type of functionality.

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These mentioned Best Telegram Bots in 2019 are for only groups, Bots doesn't work on Telegram Channels right now. If you have a group like mine that has over 20K active members, then you need to use Telegram bots which can make banning or muting of spammers easier for you and other moderators. Sometimes these bots can be down, but with time, less than 24 hours, the developer brings up the servers, so you shouldn't fully depend on the bot, they only assist as a bot.

7 Best Telegram Bots for Group Admins 2019

1. Rose

Rose Telegram Bot

Obviously, if you are on Telegram, you'll notice rose bot is used at least 3 out of every 4 groups. This bot works very well in terms of replying chats, filters and also banning spammers from the group. Rose Bot has a custom welcome message with button features, you can blacklist words that are offensive and you can filter a word when mentioned, will be replied to by the bot with an external link if you want.

2. Marie

best Telegram bots
Marie Telegram Bot

This bot is the senior sister to rose bot since it was the first to come from the same developer. This bot has almost all features Rose has, but this bot was slow in responding to the messages and also, it wasn't able to lock some content in a group like in-line buttons. Marie bot can be used instead of rose if you wish, the bot works just as good as rose Telegram Bot.

3. AntiinlineBot

If you are an admin of a group with over 7K members and you are not using this bot, then get ready for spammers. This Telegram Bot helps remove any message that contains buttons which are a clickable link to another external channel or group. Without this bot, spammers can be inviting members from your group to theirs.

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This method was reigning on Nigeria Telegram groups where spammers will send the inline button to your group at midnight when probably you'll be asleep. But by enabling this bot and making it admin, any message that contains button will be deleted instantly.

4. SangMata

best Telegram bots
SangMata Telegram Bot

This is one of the best telegram bot for group admins in 2019 because it helps track name and username changes in any group - normal and super. When enabled as admin, SangMata detects changes made by a user when username or name has been changed and then sends the notification in the group for everyone to see.

This can help know suspects of scammers in a group because scammers change their Telegram name and username after they've ripped someone. This will be very helpful to group admins.

5. AntiHyperlinkBot

This Telegram bot is the best when you don't want to send commands on Rose or Marie which consumes a lot of time. All you'll do with Anithyperlinbot is to enable it as admin and then ones any message has been sent in the group which has a link included, it will automatically delete it. This surely reduces spam in groups. But the downside is that even admin links are deleted, so you'll have to remove it from admin then send your link before putting it back.

6. AntiServiceMessageBot

Here's another best Telegram Bot for Groups which helps reduce spammy contents. What this bot is that it removes the notification messages of newly joined members or added members and members who have left the group. This works for groups and supergroups as well, so this reduces spam in the group when you have many members joining your group or if you are adding them.

7. Group Butler

best Telegram bots
Group Butler Telegram Bot

Yea I know, this bot had to be mentioned because it has so many features not featured in Rose and Marie. But Group Butler is losing its popularity since there are no new features rolling out frequently. The main reason I like this bot is that it has the feature of disabling Inline posts with buttons and because it's easy to set command without members seeing it unlike the number 1 and 2 bot in this best Telegram Bot 2019 lists.

Conclusion of Best Telegram Bot

So these are the best Telegram bot for group admins in 2019 which are really helpful and must be used. These bot has all been used by me, that's why i was able to explain their features and cons easily. There are many Telegram bots but these mentioned covers all you need in a group, they have many features in just one bot.

If you are an admin of a group or you have other suggestions of best telegram bots in 2019, kindly tell me below and i'll take a look at it. Share to support us, thanks for reading.


  1. So, this is how Rose took over the number one spot from Marie

    1. Yes bro. It is used in almost all groups and it gets frequent updates.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Many admins only remember Marie when rose server is down.

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