Google Gmail Gets Tabs for Mail, Meet, Rooms, and Chats: Here's how to Activate

Gmail's update now features Chats and Rooms which has always been available to Enterprise users, so now it will be integrated for personal account holders. With this new feature, it will be easy to access all services in just Gmail, you won't have to switch between multiple tabs to use the services, here are what you didn't know about this update.

Gmail has four tabs now

Gmail has four tabs now, these are Mail, Chat, Meet, and Rooms, all will be accessible on one page with fast loading feature instead of opening in another tab. This new tab integration will be made available for personal account users on Android and Web browser users, while iOS users will have to wait long before this is integrated for them.

This information concerning Google's tab features was reported and spotted by 9to5Google, it was confirmed that the new 4 tabs on Gmail are showing for Android and Web Browser users (Chrome, e.t.c). With Chat, you can easily message a small group of individuals, while Rooms allow you to message and share files with large users.

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To get Gmail tabs Mail, Meet, Room, and Chats, you have to be on an Android phone or o a web browser. Also, you need to activate the feature, this can be done easily, after doing so you will see the new tabs at the bottom bar of your Android app, while the Gmail Web client users will notice the tabs on the side of the screen by default. So how do you activate the new tabs on Gmail?

Google already provided the full steps to activate the new features for the Android app or the Web client, so here they are;


  • Go to Settings.
  • Select "Personal Gmail account".
  • Now head over to "General" settings.
  • Next, you will see a new Chats (Early Access) button
  • So tap "Try it".
  • Gmail will relaunch with a guide teaching you how to use it.

Web Browser
  • head to Settings
  • All settings
  • Chat and Meet
  • Google Chat (Early Access)
  • Finally, Save changes.


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