Upcoming Telegram Update to Feature Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats

Once again, Telegram is working on great features that make them keep standing out from other social media companies. Telegram is releasing a major update that will feature options like ‘Payments 2.0', scheduled voice chats and mini-profiles for voice chats, an overall UI update to the Android application, improved photos and video viewer features, and official information concerning the new two Telegram Web apps.

Telegram Update

As expected, due to the fact it is a major update, you will have to manually download the Telegram app from the official application store, rather than the OTA update. Telegram made this information public on their official website, you can read about it here.

Telegram's new update will not be made available on Telegram so quick due to Google's adjusted work schedules pertaining to the world's current situation. So those that need the update quickly, like me, can get the sideloaded latest version from their official website, this doesn't apply to iOS users because the update will be made quickly.

Speaking about other new features, the Android application has received new animations on the side menu of the app, it can also be seen when swiping back to the chat list from a chat. 

So how does Telegram Payments 2.0 work? This new payment feature allows users to make payments to merchants using credit cards. Telegram will not take any commission or fee as PayPal does, your information will not be stored as well. Furthermore, you can also add top for delivery which is optional on the application, all these can be accessed both on the apps and web apps. Here is an official Demo Channel https://t.me/TestStore/2 so you can get an understanding of how it works.

Telegram's Voice Chats 2.0 which is currently being used in large groups new lets hosts and admins schedule a voice chat, they can see a countdown that will appear at the top of the screen, in which after the countdown, the hosts will have to start the voice chat. So now listeners can opt to receive a notification at the end of the timer instead of waiting for it in the chat.

As for the WebK and WebZ Web apps, we now have an official announcement from Telegram that these new apps will feature Dark Mode, animated stickers, chat folders, payments, and more.


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