South Africa Vodacom, CellC, MTN, Telkom, All Net V2Ray Settings (UTLoop) 2021

 Here are SA Vodacom, Telkom, MTN, and CellC (All Net) free internet browsing settings for V2Ray by UTLoop - V2Ray VPN Client. With this new VPN protocol, all previously blocked government websites for SSH/SSL are now working again, all net is working in South Africa using this VPN for free & unlimited.

South Africa Vodacom, CellC, MTN, ALl Net

Vodacom, CellC, MTN, Telkom free internet browsing internet settings for UT Loop V2Ray is the best, you do not need to download config files that expire every 5 days or so anymore, now you can use the inbuilt non-expiring tweaks on V2Ray by UTLoop to enjoy un-interrupted free unlimited internet browsing on your Android mobile device.

These inbuilt configs are not capped at 1GB, they are unlimited and so you can enjoy free unlimited internet free net on your Vodacom, CellC, MTN, Telkom sim cards. So below are the latest SA free net for all net sim cards in 2021 using v2ray VPN by utloop.

RSA Free Net (All Net) Vodacom, CellC, MTN, Telkom UTLoop V2Ray Settings

Like we said, no config files are needed unlike Ha Tunnel, HTTP Injector, and other applications, our's are in-built and so you can enjoy unlimited free internet without expiry, so this means you will need to download one file which is just the V2Ray Apk.

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Features of V2Ray VPN by UTLoop

  • User Friendly
  • Supports Android 5.0 - 11
  • No config files
  • Import custom vmess config
  • Superfast servers
  • All South African network working
  • Stable connection & unlimited bandwidth

V2Ray Settings for All South Africa Networks

  • First of all, download and install V2Ray by UTLoop from Google Play Store.
  • Next, launch the application on your Android device with an internet connection.
  • Tap the "Menu" option, as seen from the default config guide on the VPN.
  • Now the menu will be opened, so tap on "Update Config" to get the latest servers & tweaks.
  • After all, config has been loaded successfully, scroll down and look for your country flag.
  • Now you will see different South Africa Vodacom, CellC, MTN, Telkom tweaks to choose from.
  • Make your choice based on your current sim card and enjoy free unlimited internet.

  • When the VPN gets connected, minimize it and enjoy. 
  • Apply Airplane mode if the application fails to connect instantly, it also supports gaming.

Note: Always update config from the menu to see if there are new config added, some hosts might be blocked and need replacement, enjoy V2Ray by UTLoop free internet browsing for your south Africa sim cards.


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