How to pick the right size TV (Factors to Consider)

Are you confused about how to pick the right size TV? To determine the best TV size for your room or TV lounge, you have to calculate the viewing distance. A big TV works well in large spaces, whereas a small one will work best up close.

How to pick the right size TV

Moreover, to give yourself the best viewing experience, compare all the available options before deciding. Further, here in this article, we brought the factors that help you choose the right size TV for your place, so if you are planning to buy one of the best budget smart tv for your home, this post will help you.

Factors that need your attention:

Before buying and making any decision, you have to determine the following factors.

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1. Viewing Distance:

You will need to measure how far the mount is from your seat in inches. The size of your TV can be calculated by using this factor. First, make a plan for where the TV will fix and where you will sit to watch the TV. Secondly, calculate the distance by using a measuring tape. Lastly, take a piece of spare paper and write down the number so you can not forget. 

2. Choose a high-resolution Tv:

A quarter of the pixels on a 4K TV won't see until much closer so that you won't see individual pixels until much closer. Likewise, a 4K TV is supposed to give you less eye stress than a 1080 pixels TV so that you can sit closer to it. In the same way, we do not recommend buying an 8K TV. 

3. Size of the screen:

Eventually, your TV's size will be determined by how big it can fit, especially as they start getting more prominent. As We know, there are different screen sizes available in the market. Moreover, Televisions are usually available in 32 inches, 42 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. In between those sizes, you may find some models, but they are infrequent.

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Measure the diagonal of the TV to choose a screen size. If you're looking at TVs, remember that they're measured from corner to corner. In addition to this, floor models come in the 40 inches size and are not as huge as they seem. As a result, many buyers are dissatisfied with their TV homes and find they are smaller than the expected screen size. So, analyze your home's space by comparing the diagonal size with available space or where you want to place it. 

4. Consider the features for you are paying: 

Calculate your budget that much you can spend on a new TV before you are going to purchase it. A bigger screen and high-resolution TV come at a high price. At the same time, the small screen size TV labeled a moderate price tag. 

Furthermore, the price may vary from company to company and brand to brand. Additionally, the price depends on the features and technologies as well with which TV comes. It is true that the more you pay, the high you get. 


1. How far should you sit from a 65 inch TV?

You should sit between 5.5 feet to 8 feet. It is a recommended distance between a person and a 65 inches TV. 

2. Is a 55 inch TV big?

Over the last few years, real growth has occurred in TV sales with even larger screens. 55 inches is still a good size for many buyers, and 55 inches wasn't precisely considered huge a few years ago. Additionally, a nice screen with a thrilling image can provide sufficient details of TV shows, video games, and movies.

3. What is the most popular size TV?

42, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches are the common and standard TV sizes that are available in the market. But, it is also possible that you can get some TVs in between these sizes. At the same time, this is rare as well. 

4. Are more giant TVs better?

As we all know, quantity is not as important as quality. You can appreciate the picture quality more on a big screen. In contrast to HD, a 4K HDR TV will give a far-perfect image. And it does matter how close you sit, unlike HD, which can look unclear and vague at close quarters.

5. How do you determine the size of a TV for a room?

A comfortable viewing distance range can be get by just expanding the screen size. In a large room that has a couch and coffee table between you and the TV, you will comfortably be able to view the screen from 10 feet. Dividing 120 by two, and you get 60 inches.

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Final Verdict:

If the TV size is not perfect, you will not enjoy the movie or game, and the screen will not see clearly. So in today's article, you come to know how to pick the right size TV. Additionally, it is not as challenging to get the right size tv for your home or your bedroom as it seems. There are only a few factors that need your attention. And we hope now you know how to pick the right size TV. 


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