Glo YouTube Bundles Settings - Power 500MB & 1.5GB with Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN Glo YouTube Bundles Settings to power all applications with Glo N50 for 500MB and N130 for 1.5GB. This comes in handy after the fall of Glo WTF Social Bundle recently.

Glo YouTube Bundles Settings

The YouTube Bundles on Glo can be powered on Android with the help of Thunder VPN for free. All applications will begin working, instead of only YouTube.

This is the best alternative to any social bundle on Glo Nigeria Network, it is cheaper and gives you more data for little Airtime.

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Glo YouTube Bundles settings for Thunder VPN are simple and straightforward, it also works for other YouTube bundles on Glo Network. 

The best on the list is N50 for 1 hour, and N130 for 3 hours. They are cheap, download large file or media with it in the day without waiting for night plan.

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Only on Thunder VPN you can power all apps with the YouTube Bundles, it cannot be powered on other tunnel apps like UT Loop VPN.

Glo YouTube Bundles Settings For Thunder VPN

Follow the below guide to power all apps with Glo YouTube Bundle for free using Thunder VPN Android app;

Steps for Glo YouTube 500MB / 1.5GB:

  1. Subscribe to Glo YouTube Bundle with;

    *777# > 1 (Data) > 1 > (Buy) > 1/2 (Renew or Not> 6 (social) > 2 (YouTube Bundles) > 2 (N50 for 1 hour) or 4 (N130 for 3 hours)

    Glo YouTube Bundles Settings

  2. Now enable your mobile data to confirm the subscription. 
  3. Download Thunder VPN from Google Playstore here.
  4. Launch the android app with your Glo Youtube bundle data.

    Glo YouTube Bundles Settings

  5. Tap the "CONNECT" button near the animated Thor Character.

With this, all apps will be powered with your YouTube Bundle at no extra costs. Remember the 500MB is valid for 1 hour, while the 1.5GB is valid for 3 hours.


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