Top 6 Best Universities to Study Computer Science

If you are currently choosing a college or a university for yourself, you know this choice is very important. Selecting a good institute is a challenging task that could become life-changing. Many students want to get an education in the field of computer science and look for the best universities with effective studying programs. Please read our article to learn more about getting an education in the prospective area of STEM and computer science.

Best Universities to Study Computer Science

What are the benefits of studying computer science?

Before speaking about the best university to study computer science, we will talk about the benefits of studying computer science. Many students wish to get an education in one of the STEM areas to widen their abilities in seeking a good job. Such a perspective is highly motivating. Students enroll in universities to get degrees in IT and other desired fields to improve their confidence levels. Product development, coding, etc., are respectful and gratifying jobs that make people more confident. As a result, you can get more successful in other life areas.

Another vital reason to get an education in computer science is to widen the contact list and improve your surroundings. People influence others, and becoming a part of a community of successful coders could make a big difference in your life. Many students wish to study computer science because of the opportunity of getting a job abroad or launching a successful start-up. Moreover, the STEM field gives talented students many opportunities to receive scholarships, grants, and other rewards that help improve their knowledge.

By the way, if you will face any issues during learning computer science, consider turning to professionals. Services that provide computer science homework help online are very effective. Such companies offer students working solutions and can help with tasks of any difficulty. 

The best universities to study computer science

There are many good universities appreciated by talented students who want to study computer science. Here are some of the most wanted educational establishments to choose from.

1. Stanford University

One of the best educational establishments in the world is in Bay Area, California. Undergraduates can count on guaranteed housing for years of studying. You can get accommodation from Stanford for the first year if you are a new graduate. More than half of students prefer living on campus. Stanford University is highly appreciated for its scientifical work and successful research projects. Thanks to volume funds from the government, Stanford also supports talented inventors developing big projects for the U.S. Department of Energy.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This institute, which was founded in 1861, is located near Boston. More than half of students study at the graduate level. Five schools are parts of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are such schools as engineering, architecture and planning, science, management, and others. The language of teaching is English. Living on campus is obligatory for students who study the first year as undergraduates. However, many graduates choose to live on campus as well. MIT is one of the institutes that provide volume and successful research on their base. Many undergraduates participate in the programs and join research projects at MIT. The government partially funds research.

3. University of California Berkeley

The university is around 15 miles from San Francisco in the Bay Area. The University of California is also known as 'Cal.' There are fourteen schools in Berkeley, including law, public health, engineering, business, and other schools. In total, the university offers more than 300 different degree programs to students. The teaching is provided in English. Berkeley is very popular among international students, and around 15 percent of students from other countries are studying there. Pay attention that the cost of studies for international students is higher than for students from the US. Berkeley actively invests in research projects. Among the inventions made by Cal researchers are several of the elements of the periodic table.

4. Tsinghua University

The university is in China, in Beijing. The educational establishment was founded in 1911. In addition to Chinese learning programs, there is an option to choose to teach in English for some courses. International students come to Tsinghua University from all over the world. There are representatives from more than 100 countries studying in this educational establishment. Among the programs that this university offers to students are engineering, computer science, management, law, science, history, literature, and many others. More than 300 research institutions are part of Tsinghua University. One of the university labs provides research projects for information science and technology. Students actively participate in various groups, social events, volunteering, performing arts, etc.

5. Peking University

This is one of the well-known China public universities. The Peking University, also known as PKU, was founded in 1898 and is not far from Beijing, China. If international students wish to study at this establishment, they must pay the higher cost of education. Science subjects cost higher than other disciplines. Among the academic departments of PKU are various social sciences, humanities, computer science, and other disciplines. There is a possibility of getting tuition for some graduate-level programs. Peking University has many research labs, for example, the State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics & Technology.

6. University of Oxford

One of the oldest universities in the world, Oxford traces its roots back to the 1000s, and the exact date of its foundation is unknown. Located not far from London, Oxford is well-known worldwide as one of the best schools. The tuition is provided only in English. Oxford actively implements scholarship programs. There are more than 900 scholarships for graduates. Non-European students and citizens of other countries must pay a higher cost for their studies—the establishment of a central university and 38 colleges. Oxford research projects are provided in the areas of medicine, math, humanities, social sciences, life sciences, etc.

In Conclusion, studying computer science is an excellent investment in your future. These were the 6 best universities to study computer science. We hope that reading our article was interesting and the information you got was useful. Good luck with your studies!


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