Top 8 Student-Friendly Concept and Mind Mapping Apps

Mind mapping or concept building is a trick that helps you to visualize an idea in diagrams. It is easier to relate people, events, processes, and ideas by placing them on a board. You may use arrows for directions, colors to show relationships, sizes to distinguish classes, and other trips. The visual view helps you to organize the ideas so that your description will make sense to you and the reader.

Mind Mapping Apps

A mind map will help you to get a clearer idea of the topic you are discussing. Your discussion will be logical and precise, making your work easier as well as interesting to read. Such maps also help you to revise faster without having to go through extensive notes in your books. 

Mapping and concept apps help you to revise wherever you are. The app should also allow you to use different mediums like photos, audio files, and graphics to build your idea. Here are some of the best mind-mapping and concept-building apps to use. 

1. GitMind

The app allows you to build a diagram format for your ideas. You can organize your ideas logically to build a solid discussion. It makes it easier for you to write your essay by capturing all the ideas you wish to include in the discussion. Can I avoid the trouble of planning, drafting, and researching essay topics? Writing services provide the best homework help to students of all grades. The services will allow you to relax without worrying about deadlines or compromising your grades.

2. Coggle 

The app is built for use in Chrome. It offers three user options. They are Free, Organization, and Awesome. Coggle is easy to use with rich features that help you to visualize any idea. It allows you to capture different levels within the same idea. The app is functional and will allow you to test the features before paying. It also has color concepts that will make your visuals more interesting to work with.

3. Popplet 

Popplet allows you to create, collaborate, and share mind maps. It enables the dragging and dropping of the elements you wish to use in building your ideas. The app accommodates different formats of resources including videos, images, text, and drawings. Once you create your map, you can convert it to other formats and share it across platforms. It has a Popplet for Education option that makes it easy to work on your essays and other learning projects.

4. Simple Mind

The app allows you to use auto-layouts and free forms to create your maps. It comes with 15 templates that allow you to create different layouts for your projects. You can add multimedia files to the layout including videos, text, and videos, among others. It will help you to develop the most complex map in very few steps.


It is a mind-mapping tool that has given a lot of attention to collaboration. You can view other participants in the discussion to determine their progress. It allows attachments, images, videos, and texts, among others. It builds on a sticky note format that makes it easier to understand very complex ideas.

6. Mindomo 

The functionality and solid features make Mindomo one of the most versatile mind-mapping tools. It is for quick thinkers who wish to demonstrate their creativity. It can turn images into presentations, helping to bring the map to life. It has a clouded capability through which you can synchronize your maps. Its collaboration features allow you to work on a single map as a group. This will enhance the quality of the ideas you develop.

7. MindMapple

It is particularly good for visual thinkers. You can add clips, images, and videos to build your presentation. The arrows can move in multiple dimensions, helping you to explain the most complex idea. It is easy to learn and use.

8. FreeMind

It is free and also allows you to work offline. It is a versatile mind-mapping app that can be used for all types of ideas. It fits projects for beginners as well as the most experienced people. 

Mind mapping tools make it easy to outline essays and understand complex ideas. Choose an app that fits into the range of ideas you are handling in your studies. The apps will simplify your essay writing, study, and revision. 


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