WhatsApp 'Saved Messages' Feature Rolling Out Globally: What to Expect

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Message Yourself feature that allows you to send text, media, and files to yourself. This can also serve as a storage means for important messages such as Telegram's Saved Messages feature.

WhatsApp Message Yourself

Previously, it was not possible to store messages on WhatsApp, users usually walk around this by creating a dummy group chat or storing their messages with close contact. Another notable method was sending text messages to their second WhatsApp account.

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Well, this burden is gone now as WhatsApp has introduced the Message Yourself feature for Android and iOS devices. All your saved messages will not be seen by anyone except you, they will remain on your device.

What can be stored on WhatsApp's "You" feature? You can jot down notes, save pictures and videos (media), keep reminders on the to-do list, store audio files, and listen to them before sending them to target chat, and the list goes on.

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To access the new feature, on your WhatsApp home screen, tap on the new chat button and you will see your name. Open your name and now you'll see fields to text yourself or send media, just as if you're engaging in a discussion with a contact.

Regarding backup, it is unclear if the WhatsApp Message Yourself feature will back up and restore your saved messages chats, and media. However, it seems likely it will be backed up since the chat is quite similar to the contacts shown on the app.


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