Google Chrome to Feature a Toggle to Disable All Unwanted Extensions on a Website

Just last month, Google was working on a feature that prevents users from falling prey to insecure HTTP downloads threats. However, now they are working on a feature that lets users toggle off unwanted extensions from their browser just as Microsoft Edge does have one called 'pause extension on this site'.

chrome toogle extension

Previously, users had to manually disable extensions on their browsers, this could be stressful for users with so many extensions installed and enabled on their browsers. But with this new toggle feature from Google Chrome, all suspicious extensions will be blocked in one go.

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Currently, this feature has not yet been released to the public, it is only available in Chrome Canary. Being in beta mode, only the toggle works as it does not show the installed extensions. As said earlier, Edge has such a feature already, this was launched last year in April. So Google will be getting this feature, and more details will be made available after Google officially announces it.

This article also mentioned Google focusing on the privacy of its users when it comes to insecure HTTP downloads. So what Google started working on last month is a way for users to avoid unknowingly downloading from unsafe websites without a secured SSL certificate. When this feature is rolled out to the public, users will be warned when an insecure HTTP connection has been detected and given the option to block downloads from such sites.

Though for quite a while, Chrome already has had an "Always use secure connections" toggle via the security settings for users to experience safe and secure browsing. They currently also flag HTTP websites with a 'Not Secure' warning, asking if the user wants to 'Continue to Site (unsafe).


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