Escape from Tarkov Extraction Strategies: Getting Out Alive

Let’s learn how to use the vehicle extract, the COOP extract Factory Gate, know if an extract is open, and much more. We are starting on the Woods map because of the Introduction Tarkov quest and other early Escape from Tarkov quests that require you to extract from Woods.
Escape from Tarkov Extraction Strategies

It might sound easy to survive Escape from Tarkov, but it isn’t that simple. Learn these tricks and practice them continuously. The more you play, the more you get better at it.

Escape from Tarkov is an exclusively realistic first-person narrative online virtual game, action-packed with a Rocket-propelled grenade simulator featuring MMO and story-driven walkthrough.

The game's events occur in a fictional Norvinsk region of the Special Economic Zone, acting as a gateway between Russia and Europe. Political conflicts, Terrorist activities, and local protests led to an intense armed conflict involving military warfare.

Intelligence agencies, USEC, are deployed in this political warfare to resolve this conflict for the Tarkov region. Russian warmongers started activities to overthrow the local government and take control. US military intervenes to fight back Russian terrorists and debunk their operations.

Tarkov Extraction Guide

How to extract in Tarkov? Where to extract in Tarkov? This Tarkov extraction guide series will walk you through finding all the Tarkov extraction points. We will cover how to extract as a PMC and how to extract as a scav on every map. Escape from Tarkov where to extract.

Find your Extraction Points

To extract in Escape From Tarkov, you only need to head to a designated extraction point and stand there for a short period, most likely around five seconds. The tricky part is finding these extract points, though, as you are given little more than a simple name, and then you are left to roam an exceedingly large map in search of a few singular areas.

All you need to do to find out what your extract points are in Escape From Tarkov is double-tap the 'O' key, which will show you both the time left in the raid and your available extracts.

The general rule of thumb is that your extract points will always be on the opposite side of the map to where you spawned, but some are always available or found at the mid-way point. You can use this information to build your map knowledge and give you an idea of where to head to reach a specific location.

Custom Maps

One of the most popular Tarkov maps is Customs. Many players think it’s the game’s iconic level. It’s not quite as big as Interchange but features many objectives, extraction points, and a ton of loot.

There are only three extraction points, and they’re all outside, so the real trick is finding a way out of the shopping center. The map may be tricky to handle at first. If you’re just

looking for a way out, simply exit the shopping complex through the north or south exits and head to your nearest extraction point.

Indeed, one of the most significant errors beginners make in Tarkov is jumping about on various maps and, under no circumstances committing time to understand any of them. Map information is your finest tool in Tarkov.

Understanding the PMC and scav generation, extraction, loot areas, hiding locations, etc., in the map is the most excellent solution to improve your survival probabilities in Escape from Tarkov.

Running from Scavs

Using a scav run is a perfect strategy to save funds, particularly at the start of Takov. Given that you didn't take any equipment to threat, it is pure profit regardless of what you get in the raid. You can see some equipment your scav may have within the main menu; occasionally, this gear can be valuable!

Avoid screaming or making noise while entering the restricted zone of infected scavengers (also called Scavs). These hunting scavengers prowl over noises, they attack whenever you make a move.

The only way to fight them off is to confront them bravely. Always keep your fingers on the trigger ready. Confront them with pre-set random gear, weapons, and health conditions.

Get out alive, fighting off the scavengers, and transfer all the loot to your main character’s stash. Keep cooperating with strangers or squad groups you have made.

As a scav, provided that you don't fire at any other ones, an AI scav will not shoot at you. Throughout my scav operation, I'll stop killing the scav unless they seems to possess fantastic equipment or I'm close to my extract.

Always Use Offline Mode

The following trick for beginners to improve in Tarkov should be to use offline mode. For several unique causes, an offline mode is a fantastic tool.

First, use your weapon and practice aiming at the scav. Since the offline mode doesn't record something that takes place, you could shoot as you wish. You will only shed something once you return to the main menu. It is possible even to die or disconnect; almost everything might be the same as before you entered.

Subsequently, it is possible to use offline mode to discover the map. I strongly suggest this before getting into the map for the initial time. This is the best and fastest technique to find the map, mainly because you can advance at your own pace without worrying about any players disturbing you.

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