Electronic Arts Finally Splits Into EA Sports and EA Entertainment

Electronic Arts (EA) is currently undergoing a significant internal restructuring, resulting in the division of EA Games' studios into two separate organizations. This reorganization has led to the formation of distinct divisions known as EA Sports and EA Entertainment, with EA Games being rebranded as EA Entertainment.
EA Sports and EA Entertainment

The name change signifies the company's intention to expand its scope beyond video games and venture into various forms of media. In contrast, EA Sports will maintain its focus on sports simulation franchises such as Madden NFL and EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA).

According to a blog post by Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, the company aims to build the future of interactive entertainment by leveraging both well-established franchises and innovative new experiences. Laura Miele, who previously served as EA's COO, has been appointed as the President of EA Entertainment.

In her new role, she will oversee key studios and empower them to take more creative ownership. Important executives like Vince Zampella will continue to lead studios responsible for Apex Legends, Star Wars (Respawn Entertainment), and Battlefield (DICE) while collaborating closely with Miele.

Simultaneously, Cam Weber has been appointed as the President of EA Sports and will be responsible for leading its sports simulation portfolio and racing games. Wilson will oversee both divisions as the CEO of EA, and the newly appointed leaders will work with their teams in the coming months to implement the changes.

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Under the new structure, EA Entertainment will encompass all intellectual properties that are not sports-related, including those developed by Motive, BioWare, EA Originals, and Ridgeline Games. This internal reorganization follows other recent changes within EA.

For instance, the long-running MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic has transitioned to a third-party studio, moving from BioWare to Broadsword Online Games, which is renowned for its ongoing work on Ultima Online and the Dark Age of Camelot. It is anticipated that a majority of BioWare employees will transfer to Broadsword, with the remaining employees either being reassigned within the company or potentially facing layoffs.

Wilson expressed confidence in the company's future and its ability to bring incredible games and experiences to a broader audience worldwide. EA has already had a successful year, starting with the release of the highly acclaimed Dead Space reimagining, followed by Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which, despite performance issues, was well-received as a beloved sequel.

Additionally, EA has plans to launch Immortals of Aveum, a magic-based first-person shooter, albeit with a delay until August 22 for further optimization. Another notable event occurred in April when the company unveiled the logo for its rebranded FIFA game, EA Sports FC, after its separation from the footballing federation.


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