WhatsApp Testing 'HD Quality' Photo Transfer on Latest iOS and Android Beta Versions

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Meta, has introduced a new beta update that includes the highly anticipated feature of transferring HD-quality images within the app. Currently, when images are sent through WhatsApp, they are automatically compressed, resulting in a loss of quality for the recipients. However, with this upcoming feature, users will have the option to send high-quality images instead of compressed ones.
WhatsApp Testing 'HD Quality' Photo Transfer

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, was among the first to spot the new feature and shared a screenshot revealing some key details. The screenshot displayed a new HD button at the top, which can be enabled to transfer a photo in high quality. It's important to note that HD-quality photos offer better clarity but consume more data and storage space compared to standard-quality photos.

WABetaInfo, a popular WhatsApp feature tracker, also shared additional information about the upcoming feature. It is currently available on the iOS beta version and Android beta version

According to WABetaInfo, even when the HD quality option is selected, WhatsApp will still apply some light compression to the image. Additionally, the default setting remains Standard quality, meaning users will need to manually choose the HD option each time they want to send a high-quality image. When a high-quality image is shared, a small HD icon will be added to the image thumbnail in the chat to indicate its quality.

At present, the feature is limited to sharing high-quality images within conversations only. WABetaInfo clarifies that users cannot upload HD-quality images as a WhatsApp Status, nor can they send HD videos through the app. However, users can bypass compression when sharing videos by sending them as documents, a workaround that also applies to sending images without compression.

The ability to send HD photos is currently being rolled out to select beta testers who are using the latest versions of WhatsApp on iOS and Android. In the following weeks, the company is expected to make this feature available to a wider user base.


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