Highest Cpc Ranking Countries 2018 On Adsense

    CPC simply means cost-per-click, and if you have a high CPC on your adsense, you will make more money. But it's is not as easy as said. There are counties which have the Highest CPC. Here are some Highest CPC Ranking Countries 2018 On Google Adsense.
    Highest Cpc Ranking Countries 2018

    This means that the amount of money a country will pay you per click will be different from another country. So to make money on adsense, you need to get clicks from a higher paying CPC country.  Australia is the highest paying country in terms of the CPC. So those getting unique traffic from Australia with more clicks are likely to earn more money from Google adsense which indicates this is one of the High cpc countries 2018 Google Adsense.

    This simply means you shouldn't panic when you see your CPC from $0.03 to $0.01. Because as I said, it depends on the country the click is coming from.

    CPC ranking by countries 2018

    You should also know, 2018 high CPC does not only depend on the country, but also on the advertisers. This simply means that some advertisers pay low while some pay high. So let's say you got two 2 clicks from the United States, and the first click gave you $0.05 cpc, while the second gave you $0.03 CPC. It means that the advert that was displayed on the first click paid more while the adverts that were displayed on the second paid low.

    High CPC Countries 2018 Google Adsense 

    1. Australia
    2. United States
    3. Norway
    4. United Kingdom
    5. New Zealand
    6. South Africa
    7. Canada
    8. Netherlands
    9. Sweden
    10. Switzerland

    These are the High cpc countries 2018 on Google Adsense. Although there is no official list, with my research from different blogs, I have been able to put them together and see that this is possibly more accurate on best cpc ranking countries.

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