How To Withdraw Paypal Funds Directly to Nigeria Naira Bank Account

Those of us using foreign PayPal account has been at risk of scam or losing our Paypal Funds because we have to sell our Funds to buyers although our account is capable of receiving Funds. But now, I (UcheTechs) discovered a new method to link Nigeria bank account to your Foreign Paypal account and withdraw its Funds, this method can never be seen online because I discovered it without the help of anyone.
Withdraw Paypal Funds Directly to Nigeria Bank

With my new method, you can Withdraw your Paypal Funds directly to your Nigeria Naira Bank Account. This will reduce the fear of account limitation, online scam and losing funds or access to the account. It's quite easy to set it up, I will be providing this priceless method for free. This might seem surprising, but the reason I had to consider it is because of someone I trusted who claimed my idea and selling it without credits on Facebook.

Also, it's important to note that this method doesn't work on all foreign account, in fact, I'll have to create the Paypal account for you so that you can have the option to Withdraw your Paypal Funds directly to your Nigeria bank account. Creating the account is very cheap compared to others who charge an overrated amount for such easy stuff. I'll be creating the Paypal account that sends and receives Funds in Nigeria for  N2000, ones you have that, then you are one step away from linking your Paypal account to Nigeria account and withdraw it directly to your bank.


For you to proceed in link your Nigeria Bank to PayPal to be able to withdraw directly to your bank, it's recommended you get your Paypal account from me because not all Paypal has this feature, in fact, only a Specific County has this feature. 

  • It's N2000 for the Paypal account, Below is how to Pay;
  • Contact ME for Bank Info and Payment
  • Send the desired Email
  • Get it created within 24 hours.
  • Get password and Login.

That's that for now, so here's the main Topic, Link Paypal Account to Nigeria Bank Naira Bank account. By now, you should have gotten your Paypal details from me, so follow the below procedure.


This is FREE For All, Enjoy it while it lasts!

1. Login to your Paypal Created by me.

2. Click on Withdraw Funds

3. You'll see Check Account and Savings, choose Savings account

4. Link a Bank Account
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5. Input Nigeria Bank Account Number

6. Input Routing Number, here are Popular Nigeria Bank Unique Routing numbers;
  • First Bank: 107005047
  • Access Bank: 104014138
  • For other Banks like GTB Bank, Google search, if it didn't work, contact your bank for the updated Routing number
7. Paypal will send you some Funds to verify if you own the account just like ATM Verification, so ones you get it, input it to verify. But you don't really need to, mine hasn't been verified and I can withdraw.

Link Paypal to Nigeria Naira Bank Account
Link Paypal Funds to Nigeria Bank account

Google Search if your bank routing number isn't shown here.


1. Click on Withdraw Funds

2. Transfer Money
- From Paypal Balance or Linked ATM if available
- To BANK Savings

Withdraw Paypal Funds Directly to Nigeria Naira Bank
Transfer Paypal Funds to Nigeria Bank account

3. Click Send Money and you'll get a SUCCESS Message with Green Arrow.

Send Paypal Funds to Nigeria Bank account
Send Paypal Funds to Nigeria Bank account

I have sent some proofs with my watermarks, check them out.


This is the way to Create, Link and Withdraw Paypal Funds Directly to Nigeria Naira Bank Account 2019. I am sure you are happy to learn such information for free, kindly share your appreciation below the comment box and by Sharing this on Social Media with friends and on Groups. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Can I log in on the account without changing my IP

  2. Thanks alot uche. I appreciate

  3. will the money be converted to naria before our account

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. No, it's meant to be FirstBank. Did you use the routing number on this post

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Uche please help me with gtbank routing number, i have searched and didn't get any

  6. Hello Uche please help me am facing some challenges while linking my bank account...

  7. So, how do I contact you

    1. Click the Link on the post for ways to contact me for paypal that sends and recieve funds

  8. I tried linking a First Bank account but it didn't work.

    Keeps saying "We're sorry. We're unable to process your request..."

  9. How do I get this service, though i a, currently running uae and SA account, can I instead use them or you will need to create new account?

  10. I will reach you for a PayPal account, but pls I need route number for,
    GTB, first bank,Zenith bank, thanks

  11. It didn't work with my Lesotho paypal business account. I used the above routing number with my first bank corporate account. What's the next best option?

    1. Do you mean Lesotho business account is not Reliable

  12. Do you mean Lesotho business PayPal business account does not work, or not reliable

  13. I am asking you, if Lesotho PayPal business account is Reliable

    1. It's not. That get's limited easily. You should have heard several cases of that. But you are still free to try and see.

  14. So which Better Option of PayPal account that can receive money to Nigeria can you prescribe to me,or do know any alternative,pls let me know

    1. If i don't know, this post would never have been made. When i am done creating, you will see which country it is from your dashboard and settings.

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