Latest MTN Browsing Cheat [Night Plan Config] | Sep 2019

This is the latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat which can be used all through to September as well. This MTN Night Plan Config is available for Http Injector, KPN Tunnel, Epoxy, and Spark VPN. I have provided this MTN Browsing Cheat for the sake of night browsers, this Night Plan Config extends MTN night Bundle MB, time is exceptional.
MTN Night Plan Config

This MTN Night Plan Config Browsing Cheat requires night plan bundle, so there is two MTN subscription for this, one is Night Plan 1 which cost N25 for 250MB, to be used from 12AM-5AM. The other MTN Night Plan Subscription is Night 2 which cots N50 for 500MB, to be used the same time as the first. Also, if you want, you can subscribe to the first plan twice, but after that, you wouldn't be allowed for that night till the next.

Extention of MTN Night Plan Browsing is very important because the first plan limits you to 250MB and this can be finished even before 2AM, but extending the data cap increases your chances of using the data to the fullest. I'll like you to be aware this has not confirmed by me to be unlimited, but it works for browsing, streaming on youtube and downloading till 5AM which is the expiration time.

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The Night Plan Config was made available by me for these popular SSH VPN -- Http Injector, KPNTunnel Rev, eProxy VPN, and Spark VPN. But this post will focus only on HTTP Injector, while the rest of the VPN config can be gotten from our Telegram Channel or Facebook Group. That being the case, let's head over to the Android requirements before running the MTN Night Plan Configuration.

MTN Night Plan Config Requirements

OS: Android
Version: 4.1 and up
RAM: 500MB+
Storage: 25MB+
Network: H+, 3G
VPN: HTTP Injector
Config Size: 2.4kb
Root: Locked

What you need to Know Concerning the MTN Night Plan Config

This MTN Browsing Cheat is mainly for Android users, so if you don't use Android, you cannot benefit from this tweak.

Also, you need an Android version of 4.1 and above to be able to run Http Injector properly, this VPN requires high Android versions to run the VPN successfully or install the App.

Make sure you have an Android Ram of 500MB and above to run the VPN even in the background while it's connected, or you will be experiencing frequent disconnection when you run multiple application on your Android device. High RAM also prevents device overheating when Http Injector or any VPN like Tweakware and KPNTun Rev.

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The App is not up to 25MB, so it's easy to download and install it, that's not really a big deal unlike the Network connection mode, make sure you are not using 2G to connect HTTP Injector MTN Night Plan Config or you'll experience slow downloads and uploads.

Also, this time I'll lock the Night Plan Config to root, this is done this way to prevent sniffing and violation of the working host used in making this MTN Night Plan browsing cheat work. But rooted users will still benefit because KPN, Spark e.t.c Config has been posted in the Telegram Channel for rooted device.

To Subscribe, Send NT1 to 131 for 250MB [N25]; Send NT2 for 500MB [N50]; Read more concerning this MTN Night Plan Bundle HERE.

Download MTN Night Plan Config Cheat For HTTP Injector 2019

The Config extension ends with .ehi which means it doesn't support the Lite Verison, make sure you use the main Http Injector App to import this Night Plan browsing Cheat configuration.

- Download MTN Night Plan Config for (HTTP Injector)

File Information:
- Duration: 5 Days [28 Aug]

How To Import

1. Open HTTP Injector

2. Tap the Paper Icon at the Top Right

3. Choose Import from the drop-down menu

4. Locate the download folder of your downloads and Import.

5. Now you'll see it's locked, just activate your data and continue browsing.

Conclusion: I'll like to know your experience concerning this MTN Night Plan Config for Http Injector Browsing Cheat. This will not be called free browsing since you need to choose a night bundle, but with such a cheap bundle, you can still increase the data cap through this config.

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This post first appeared on UcheTechs and was discovered here, please leave credits back or seek permission before republishing if you don't want us to sue through DMCA.


  1. Please drop estimate of ur usage since u said it's not unlimited. How many gigabytes u reach knack

    1. Hi Hansel,

      I can't use up to a GB at night, why not try it this night since you might have many files to download.

  2. Hmmmw

    Why a configure for night plan?

    Does it allow us use it in the morning/ daily hours, because as far as I know the night plan works well,
    So what's the need for this configure?

  3. Replies
    1. You are welcoe Ebuka, i am seeing your hardwork in the Telegram Group, keep it up.

  4. To Extend the allocated data. By How Many MB?

    1. Based on my usage, it didn't stop, so you can try it this night.

    2. It shows incorrect username. How did you do your own please?

  5. Incorrect username or password... Error gotten from the injector config and eproxy config... Spark VPN disconnects every second

  6. The HTTP injector isn't working. Others disconnects

  7. The http injector isn't connecting (incorrect password), spark connected but it is still the same 250mb and it disconnected once I finish the night plan 250mb

  8. Is this still working Pls?

  9. Please is this still working?

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