Download Latest UcheTechs Blog App v2.0 (UI Updates) 2021

After almost a year with no new update, UcheTechs App for Android users has been updated with new features. Such features include easy access to your best categories which include "HowTos, Tech news, and Free browsing".
UcheTechs Blog App v2.0

In addition to the Apk's feature, you should be expecting a new comment box that comes in the Application. When you read an article feed through UT (UcheTechs Blog) App, you can comment through the app and others can see it and reply too. This means you do not need to open to use your Google account to comment.

There are new categories like I've mentioned before. you'll love to see how it has been arranged accordingly. If you love Free browsing (obviously), you can tap the tab and you will instantly see all the latest posts concerning Free Browsing. Again, no need to open the website to check this.

Also, you can also see the trending news updates about Technology if you love knowing the latest. All News updates you missed will be waiting for you to read until after 3 days before it's deleted to improve the app's performance.

Get all the best 2019 Android Tricks and PC Tips straight to your device for Free! It is easier to locate all the helpful tips for Android being asked daily. Many do not know that we even have a tutorial on how to totally remove a Gmail account from an Android phone, or even How To track a stolen smartphone. So through our app, you can see all the helpful tips without off-topic articles.

If you have been following our Smartphone reviews, I guess you have been enjoying the specification reviews well explained. Now, you can see all the latest phones and their price in one category, easy and fast. Now you can see the latest rather than being curious about missing out.

If you want to join other followers in our community, you can locate our social media channels through the app, join any that suits you. If you need more features, comment after this article and we will try to add them if possible.

Features of UcheTechs Blog Apk

1. Tech News (Trending)

Get the latest Tech News articles both the latest and the ones you missed.

2. Games (Latest) 2019

UcheTechs Blog App v2.0

Get the latest Games for Android, iOS, PPSSPP and even Pc (Computers) Downloads and reviews.

3. HowTos (Hacks, Tricks)

Now you can learn some Tricks and Tips on your Gadgets which are very helpful. All HowTos on UcheTechs Blog can be gotten through this category.

4. Free Browsing Updates

UcheTechs Blog App v2.0

Never miss any Free browsing tricks on UcheTechs, although this category doesn't get updated daily unlike Tech News or smartphone reviews, you can be sure that when there is, you will benefit greatly. This category update needs urgent attention since it doesn't last.

5. Smartphone Reviews (NEW)

Only phone specs reviews will be shared here, for other phone news and unconfirmed specs or sneak peek, head to Tech News Category.

6. Cool Articles to Read

UcheTechs Blog App v2.0

This is a compilation of all UcheTechs articles from the blog with no category organization, all the latest posts are shared here.

Free Download UcheTechs App for (Android)

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- I will like to know your review concerning this app, you can rate it 5 stars, I will definitely appreciate that! I love you all!

More Updates

I am working on creating a new VPN application for Android which will come with internal tweaks for free browsing. The only delay is I am trying to make sure it doesn't get policy violation on Google play, you know, such apps that have access to NETWORK on phones are watched closely.

"When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself for the possibilities of a new reality". What you are expecting on the app is really more than you think. Anyway, I will keep you all updated, thanks for visiting and I see you on our next article update.


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