Metowork: Earn Up To N6,000 For Free (No Investment)

Metowork has been around for some time now, but I decided to keep quiet about it and not using it to make sure they are real and wouldn't waste your time and effort. Metowork pays you without you investing anything, you are paid for each referral you are able to get. Let's see how it works, how much you are paid per referral and withdrawal terms.
Metowork Earn Up To N6,000

Metowork is not just a referral system service, rather they are a service that lets users advertise what services they have to offer on their website for free, it is just like Fiverr, a freelance online service.

When you sign up, you will see different adverts of users on the homepage, that is where your ads will also appear if you have any good service to offer. You get paid if someone purchases your service, that is optional, you get paid when you also refer any user.

Metowork Referral System Implementation Strategy?

Each person you refer gets N200 while you also get N200 to your account as well, that is the benefit of referring people. As of now it is still on and running since there is no investment needed, you can give it a try to make money, unlike Racksterly that needs investment and is having so-called server issues for more than 24 hours (If not scam).

Referring 30 friends gives you N6000, which is two hundred friends x thirty friends which is equal to that. The money can be withdrawn to your Nigeria Naira bank account, many backs are acceptable, so no fear.

No the only term you should take seriously is, do not cheat the system, refer genuinely and get paid when due, if you cheated the system, your earnings will not be approved (Pending), which means you will not be paid for your hard work, so think well before you start anything fishy.

Metowork SignUp

  • Metowork Signup Link HERE
  • Then, fill your name, email, phone number, password, and register.
  • Account verification occurs when you receive the email link of Metowork.
  • Login with your email and selected password to see the dashboard with your N200 free Money
  • It can be withdrawn easily, I will show you how.

Metowork Withdrawal

Metowork Withdrawal

Before you withdraw, you need to set up a bank account where the funds will be sent to, so to begin, do the following;
  1. Click account settings located at the menu options settings
  2. Choose your bank and type your account name and number
  3. Click update to save.
The minimum withdrawal is N2000, and when you reach that, your earnings have to be approved before it is then sent to your bank account. To get N2000, you need to refer at least  10 people, but if you refer more, that means more money. 

Metowork Referral

Metowork Referral

  1. Tap the menu bar.
  2. Choose My Referrals > User Referrals.
  3. Or if you are logged in, just head to (
  4. Copy your referral link and share with friends.

They claim payments will be made within 72 hours, which is three days interval, so have patience, time to register and refer. Enjoy!


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