WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature now on Android: How it Works

WhatsApp has started getting regular with their social media app both on iOS and Android devices. The new update feature call waiting but not call holding, this new update alerts you if someone is in the middle of a call while you called, but instead of the WhatsApp call hanging up, it will wait till the user is done, this is just like your regular cellular network.
WhatsApp Call Waiting

WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature doesn't come with call holding, i.e holding an ongoing call while you get information. The call waiting feature is now finally available for Android after made available on iPhone devices last month.

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It is available on the beta and also the stable Android version of the application via the Google Play Store. From the changelog, you can see it shows the arrival of the new group privacy settings and fingerprint unlock support which came recently for the application. The new WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature is available in version 2.19.352 of the stable Android app, as well as version 2.19.357 and version 2.19.358 of the beta app.

To get the stable version just in case yours is not available on Google Play Store, probably Playstore saying it is not available in your country or saying not compatible for your device, you can download the stable build version from APKMirror here.

How WhatsApp call waiting works?

When you make use of WhatsApp call to contact while another WhatsApp call is ongoing, instead of the call to disconnect like it does before, WhatsApp notifies you with the option to continue waiting or cancel the call. When you wait and your WhatsApp contact is done, they will automatically see the call waiting ringing and then have the choice to pick the call or hang up, while if you choose not to wait and your WhatsApp contact is done with their call, then your call notification will be made known to them.

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Talking about the contact interface when receiving WhatsApp calls during their current call, you will get cool and handy options when you receive call waiting, here's what you will see.

When receiving an incoming call, you will see a green 'End & Accept' button and also a 'Decline' button. Now when you tap the 'End & Accept' button, your ongoing call will be disconnected, therefore giving the chance to speak with your contact calling you during another call, while choosing the red 'Decline' button cancels the receiving call interrupting your ongoing call, letting you continue your call.

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The incoming call UI in WhatsApp now shows a green ‘End & Accept' button alongside the ‘Decline' button. If you press the red ‘Decline' button, the incoming call will be canceled and you can carry on with your ongoing call. However, if you tap on the ‘End & Accept' button, the ongoing call will be disconnected so that you can talk to the other person.

In Conclusion, WhatsApp will not stop here on their updates, more seems to be coming and we cannot wait to see what is left to unfold. Some cool WhatsApp features released not longer than 3 months include group privacy settings which prevent people from adding you in groups, self-destruction message which deletes messages over time based on what you selected. When more keeps coming, updates keep coming on this site, thanks for reading.


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