Fix eFootball PES 2020 (Friend Match) Connection Issue, Get ID

eFootball PES 2020 is the best Soccer Game available for Mobile on Android and iOS. This game is well known and loved by many because of its graphics, low data usage, and free features. eFootball PES 2020 Mobile has a Friend Match Multiplayer Unable to connect to opponent problem which prevents connection to play a friendly match while trying to connect you will get an error message like "unable to establish connection with opponent". So this article focuses on an easy fix, a short article focusing on the solution.
PES 2020 Mobile Friend List Match Connection

This error message affects only Friend Match, you can play eFootball Online by participating with random players, it connects without issue. Also, eFootball Friend List Match affects iOS users (iPhone), so if you want to connect from iPhone (iOS) to Android, the same error will appear, the same thing for iOS to iOS or Android to Android. This issue happens to some countries like Nigeria and this is coming from the APN or ISP unsupported server.
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This article will also ensure you know how to find your PES 2020 ID which helps your friend connect with you, also how you can send a friend request to a friend and how you can play a local friendly match with friends if you are in the same place or house. This works for iOS and Android users, so enjoy!

How Can I Invite Friends In 2020 & Find PES 20 ID

1. Launch “PES” and head to “Extra.”

2. Click “User information.”

3. Click on “owner search.”

4. Type in your friend ID that you just copied and tap on “search.”

5. Now click on the owner search result and send a friend request.

6. On your opponent’s phone, check his or her friend's request by heading back to the menu and clicking on “Friend Request.”
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7. Click “accept.”

8. Now head back to the menu and click “Friend List.”

9. Go back to the last menu on both phones. Click on “Match” then “Friend Match” on the two devices.

10. Click “OK,” to accept the pop-up menu and then click on “Friendly Match” on both smartphones.

--- unable to establish connection with opponent Error Message Fix Below ---

11. The name of your opponent will be visible now, click it. On your opponent’s phone, he or she will also see your name as well.

12. On the Matchmaking menu, choose a club on the 2 devices and click to confirm on both smartphones.

13. Allow it to load and you can begin to play your friendly match together.

After step 10 you will get Unable to connect to opponent error message, this applies to countries like Nigeria due to their ISP configuration, so below contains how to get around the PES 2020 Friend Match unable to establish connection with opponent connection issue.

PES 2020 Mobile Friend List Match Connection Fixed (iOS, Android)

1. Download "UFO VPN" from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open "UFO" VPN and choose the "Free" plan.

3. Connect to any server available.

4. Now open "PES 2020 Mobile" and begin Matchmaking.

5. The game will connect, that's it, enjoy your friend match.

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