Skype New 'Meet now' Feature Introduced as Rival to Zoom

Due to the pandemic Zoom has been the most used Online conferencing service used by many to easily communicate with their family members, and attend online meetings. So now, Skype has introduced their own rival to Zoom App called "Meet Now", this service enables the host to start a group chat even without downloading the app nor signing up.
Meet Now

Skype's Meet Now Online App has some unique features such as the unique link which can be generated and shared with others who are meant to be connected to the host. Skype is trying to get it's app popular since many are indoors and need apps like this.

Meet Now doesn't need you to sign up for Skype to access it, all you need to do is generate a unique link and share with the participant for them to join through it, it's just like Zoom "Join a Meeting" "Meeting Id".

When you've created or joined the unique link, you'll be on a default screen which is used for chatting, you can then click start call to begin the video meeting. What's funny about this new update is that it is actually free, Skype was never known to be free but now they've brought a feature which is almost, if not exactly like their Skype paid features, thanks to Zoom.

You can start your meeting anytime you want, I also tested this on my PC Skype version and it was fast, doesn't lag and lost connection too fast. Also, there is a blur my background option which blurs background leaving only your face, it can also be disabled too. Read how to use Meet Now from Skype's official tutorial page.


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