Football Manager Sued For Using Manchester United Name on the Game

Manchester United Sues ‘Football Manager’ Video Game Series Over Use of Name, the English Premier League Club has taken action over the developer's attending football manager game simulation for using the club's logo with a simplified red and white striped version without a license.
Football Manager Sued For Using Manchester United Name

But the Sega Publishing and Sports Interactive company said they have been legitimately using the club's name since 1992 without any issues. 

At a preliminary remote hearing on Friday, United barrister Simon Malynicz said the money clubs make from licensing their names and logos was very significant.

Being unable to reference United “would amount to an unreasonable restraint on the right to freedom of expression," they argued. “Consumers expect to see the club crest next to the name Manchester United... and this failure to do so amounts to wrongful use," Malynicz said.

Sega and SI “encouraged” the use of downloadable patches containing replica trademarks which are supplied by third parties, Malynicz said.


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