Latest GBWhatsApp Alternatives 2021: Best WhatsApp Mods On Android

GBWhatsapp shutdown is almost a year now, they happened to totally close down on August 1st, 2019 and since then their app has caused a serious ban on Whatsapp user's numbers. GBMods used to be the best WhatsApp mod, but now it's no more, there are better alternatives. So this post will show you the best GBWhatsApp Alternatives with cool features in 2020.
Latest GBWhatsApp Alternatives

What's the big deal with people concerning this mod? GBWhatsApp was able to give you full access without restriction to the platform. You could send files more than what the original WhatsApp application allowed, last seen could be hidden but you can still see other people's own, also you can read deleted messages, hide blue ticks from displaying when you read contact or non-contact message, see the number of messages sent by a user in a group, etc.

Looking at these features you can see why Android users love WhatsApp Mods. There are many others still available, they have not shut down due to their lack of popularity. So there are other WhatsApp Mod apps, though none can ever be good as GBWhatsApp, they offer such features too with Anti-Ban phone number.

I know most of the readers of this post came here because they seriously need an alternative to GBMods, probably your number was banned or suspended continuously. It will be wise to switch to other alternatives that keep getting updated, I wasn't really a fan of other GBWhatsApp Alternatives app and I ain't, but for the sake of you all, I have to summon the courage to talk about some best alternatives for Android 2020.

1. FMWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp Alternatives 2020

FMWhatsApp tries to be among the most used WhatsApp mod for Android, it is able to change your conversation user interface, add more theme design, change the font, and more. FMWhatsApp also has a chat head option with other features in it, also you can lock the app from access together with the fingerprint or 2-factor authentication and also it gets updates from the developer, but not often.

2. WhatsApp Plus

GBWhatsApp Alternatives 2020

This wasn't as popular as GBWhatsApp, but for a time it took the attention of it and people misunderstood the original GBWhatsApp. It is one of the best WhatsApp mods, WhatsApp+ has a No-Ban feature that prevents your account from being suspected of policy breaking or actions clearly indicating you are using a mod like sending forwarded messages to more than 5 groups or contacts at once.

3. YoWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp Alternatives 2020

Here comes the next on the list, this Whatsapp Mod for Android has customization options, YoWhatsApp works as good as GBWhatsApp, you can change your theme, chat icons, hide your view on contacts status, hide last seen but still see other people own, see deleted status update, change color, text, and fonts.

4. WhatsApp Prime

GBWhatsApp Alternatives 2020

This isn't just another WhatsApp Mod, rather WAPrime is one of the best for Android smartphones. It got all you need such as FB messenger emojis, zooming of pictures/photos, downloading the latest themes for your home screen, renaming of 'WhatsApp' name to your custom name. Other features include Preview media before downloading, Enable or disable call button
Copy status, bio, picture, etc

5. OGWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp Alternatives 2020

You might haven't heard OGWhatsApp previously, but it is very similar to GBWhatsApp. OGWhatsApp has GBWhatsApp change theme option, privacy changes, messages lock, chat templates and colors, custom option buttons (re-arrange icons), etc. The app is yet to include a reliable no ban protection, so use this app with caution.

These 5 best GBWhatsApp alternatives in 2020 are trending right now, if you have other apps not mentioned, let me know in the comment box below so I can review them too. Share this post with friends, thanks for reading.


  1. GBWhatsApp is on top for a reason. Best WhatsApp alternative. period.

    1. Hi, sorry I don't understand what are you trying to say, please elaborate.

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