MTN Data Sim Free Browsing Settings For AnonyTun + (APN Settings)

For a long time now MTN Data Sim has been used by just 30% of those who purchased it. Getting the sim is a hard task and people charges lots of amount for it, sadly after getting it for such unreasonable amounts, they need to pay for server to some VPN apps to make use of it, so I am sharing MTN Data Sim settings for Anonytun, you do not need to purchase premium servers or keep depending on a VPN, you depend on yourself henceforth.

MTN Data Sim is unlimited, the Sim can be gotten by some legit sellers, I do not make use of the data sim since I am not a heavy user. But this Data Sim will be useful for those who loves downloading, unfortunately I cannot say who is or who is not legit for you to get the sim, I am only making it easy for you to browse free without being dependent on anyone or Paying for premium servers on VPN since you paid for the SIMs.

The settings I have provided works well on AnonyTun, those who got the SIM should have made some tweaks and find out the settings isn't complicated, by tweaking your APN alone you are good to go. I could have easily added this on UT Loop VPN, but didn't due to personal reasons, I do not want it to affect you all that have the SIM to keep paying more than your Initial payment, so I have shared the settings for AnonyTun.

There are many good working hosts for this, one is, the other is, etc. Actually you can use Google related websites as host like, so this is something those who paid for the SIM should have use their brain and discover all these while, I guess they followed tutorials of some greedy individuals to get it.

So for the settings, follow the below tutorial, please make sure you already have the data sim before you begin, you can get it from any trusted person you know online or offline, I am here to only provide the settings so you do not pay another fund for server or depend on new logins daily from anyone.

MTN Data SIM Settings For AnonyTun


Below are the requirements, make sure you meet them before reading on to the MTN Data Sim AnonyTun settings (Full).

1. Android device.

2. MTN Data SIM

3. No Airtime

4. No Data

5. AnoyTun VPN.

Benefits of Using AnonyTun VPN for MTN Data SIM

1. Servers are extremely fast

2. No need paying for premium server

3. Unlimited downloads, (Over-downloading allowed)

4. Torrent servers are available.

5. No crash or Bug on the App.

6. Supports Android 5.0 and below

7. Stable Internet connection.

APN Settings For MTN Data SIM

I also have another trick for you to make use of MTN Data SIM to download, stream or browse without depending on any VPN totally. This just require you to add some settings on your ISP Access Point Name, this enables you to access the internet easily.

MTN Data Sim APN Settings

  • Name: MTN ACESS
  • APN:
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: web
  • Password: web
  • Authentication Type: None or PAP
After applying this settings, you can access Youtube for streaming and some browsers for downloading, but social media will not work properly. So to power all applications, then you need to setup your AnonyTun as follows.

1. On AnonyTun, tap 'Stealth Settings', make sure it is on.

MTN Data Sim Free Browsing Settings

2. Connection Protocol: TCP.

3. Connection Port: 443.

MTN Data Sim AnonyTun Settings

4. Enable 'Connect Via Parent Proxy', then tap it.

5. On Parent Proxy Settings, input the following;
- Proxy Host or IP:
- Proxy Port: 8080
-- Tap OK.

6. Now, as you are on Stealth Settings, tap SAVE.

That's it, click CONNECT and it will begin connecting, under 3 seconds it is done, you can now browse free and unlimited without any issue. The host can be,, or, enjoy it MTN Data SIM users.

I hope this post have helped you, share it with your friends and also comment below if you have any questions. Have a lovely day!


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  3. Is there anyway it can be more faster

  4. must it be a data sim?

  5. the poster self no get sense.. once the IP is leaked, then it will be throttled.. thats when slowness begins..

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  7. How can we get the data sim..Can we get it from those who used to register mtn sim

  8. The MTN anonytum cheat is not working

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