Mtn Free Internet Daily Using Stark Vpn Reloaded

Stark VPN Reloaded can be used for MTN Nigeria Free Internet Browsing on any Android device. This latest MTN Free Internet can be used for free browsing, free downloading, free streaming, and also usage of social media applications. I have shared MTN Free Browsing settings for Stark VPN Reloaded 2020.
Mtn Free Browsing Stark VPN

MTN free 50mb daily is not unlimited, it supports all sim card and it gets reset daily. Stark VPN and Tweakware are the only Free internet apps or VPN embedded with the working tweaks. VPNs like UT Loop VPN do have MTN 50MB NG embedded so we have to make use of Stark VPN reloaded.

Stark VPN Reloaded also has Custom settings that can be used to type in the host if you do not want to make use of the embedded tweak. The host can be used on the best VPNs like Syphon G Kings and the likes if you want. So below I have shared the full settings for MTN Free Browsing using Stark VPN Reloaded.

Mtn Free 50MB Daily Browsing Settings for Stark VPN

In this post, I will share two ways to get the MTN free internet browsing working on Stark VPN Reloaded App settings. 

Tip 1: Using Custom Settings

MTN free 50mb daily
  1. Download Stark VPN Reloaded here.
  2. Open the app and tap on "CUSTOM'.
  3. On 'Select Connection Mode', choose 'HTTP'.
  4. On 'Server Port', type '8080'.
  5. On 'Host Header', type ''.
  6. Leave 'Select Header Line Type' on 'singleline' as it is.
  7. Do not touch 'Reverse Proxy' as well.
  8. Next, on 'Proxy Host', type ''.
  9. Finally, on 'Port', change from '0' to '8080'.
  10. Head back and tap on 'Tweaks'.
  11. So change it to 'Custom' and then connect.

That's the settings for MTN free 50mb daily on Stark VPN reloaded in 2020. The usefulness of this is you can apply it to any other VPN that supports the proxy. But if you don't have time for such, then you need to see how to use the embedded MTN free browsing settings on Stark VPN.

The settings for this are very easy, it works just as some VPN mentioned at the beginning of the article. Embedded tweaks are the best, easy to connect, no custom settings, no creating of ssh server accounts or login, just tap few buttons and you are good to go, below contains the tutorial.

Tip 2: In-Built Tweaks

MTN free 50mb daily
  1. Launch Stark VPN Reloaded.
  2. Tap on 'Tweaks'.
  3. Change it from 'None' to 'MTN 50 MB Daily'.
  4. Head back and connect.

So that is it, how to use MTN Free 50MB Daily on Stark VPN Reloaded. I have also shared MTN Free 50MB Daily settings that can be used for Psiphon, AnonyTun, etc.

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