Google's Bedtime Digital Wellbeing App Now on Android 6.0+

If you've been seeing the Google Digital Wellbeing as a system app on some new devices and tried getting it on your Android device that didn't come with it ore-installed, then now Google is rolling out the  Digital Wellbeing App for almost all devices running Android 6.0 and up.
Google Clock app

It is known as Google Clock app, this has a lot of features, it can make you get a very good night sleep by scheduling your sleep time, it tracks the amount of screen time on your device each day, track the amount of time you spend on any apps, run a stopwatch, displays the World Clock directly, comes embedded withy sleep sounds, can be easily paired with Wear OS devices.

This bedtime app is quite different from the Android Digital Wellbeing app that comes mostly on Android 9.0, though this being added depends on the phone manufacturer. This has always been very useful as it keeps track of your app's activities, it comes on some of the latest Samsung, Infinix, Xiaomi Mi, Nokia, Motorola One Action, etc. Most mentioned here are Android one phones, so if your device comes with that, it's more likely to feature Digital Wellbeing App.

The Clock App can now be seen on Google Playstore, Google announced in a blog post that the Bedtime tab on the app will help you wake up more healthy, how does this work? Rather than the normal or loud alarm clock that comes with your smartphones, this new Google LLC Clock application has subtle lighting and sound cues which helps minimizes the shock of a loud alarm. But I'll recommend you turn that off and choose a loud tone if you won't wake due to low sounds.

Google Digital Wellbeing Clock Android 6
Google Clock App For Android 6.0

Google Clock app For Android 6.0
Google Clock App For Android 6.0

Rather than being disturbed at bedtime, the app will dim your device screen to ash/grey, and do not disturb mode will turn one, this stops your device from receiving emails, and notifications from any application or system apps. You can choose which apps are not affected by bedtime features like alarms.

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Google said in the blog post. “Remember that time when checking one notification turned into staying up an hour past your bedtime? We bet you weren't too happy. So we created Bedtime mode to remind you when it's time for bed and limit interruptions by keeping your phone dark and quiet while you sleep,

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So if you are using Android 6.0 and above, you can now have a natural sleep, being distracted by the activity of your device should reduce a bit. Phones have taken a lot of time in our lives, so monitor your usage and have a natural sleep again. Here's what Google had to say on their featured video "Once upon a time, sleep came naturally. And thanks to Android, it can again".

Android phones that came with Digital Wellbeing does not need the Bedtime Clock application on the Playstore, this can be the case of Android 9.0 and up users.


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