WhatsApp Says Users Must Accept the Latest Terms of Service or 'Delete Account'

It sounds shocking and surprising that WhatsApp said users must accept their latest terms of service or their account will be deleted and all data like chats will be lost. What are these new terms of service users must accept or lose access to their account?

Whatsapp Terms update

These new terms of service coming to WhatsApps will take effect starting from February 8th, 2021. For the first time, WhatsApp is being too strict to its users saying they MUST accept their terms or lose access to their account. Previously, which is the normal culture of apps and websites when it comes to privacy and terms policy acceptance, is to accept a policy or you will be taken to the previous screen until you've made up your mind. But in WhatsApp case, your account will be deleted starting February 2021.


The source of this report is WABetaInfo, they shared a screenshot that clearly shows the new Terms and Privacy Policy updates where it stated that users who just got the update are to either accept the new terms or 'delete' their accounts. Obviously, this development has also been seen on Facebook, and it is expected to come soon on Instagram.

Whatsapp Terms update

Whatsapp Terms update

The answer to the initially asked question concerning what is the new terms of service WhatsApp said users must accept or their account will be deleted hasn't been known yet, until the update of the policy in February 2021. But the screenshot made available shows it is about 'how WhatsApp's service, how businesses can use Facebook-hosted services to store and manage chats. and how user data is processed'.

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The updated terms of service are expected to unveil in the coming weeks, the disclaimer that comes with the update announcement reads 'After this date, you'll need to accept the new terms to continue using WhatsApp or you can always delete your account. So this is a "must agree" terms of service update for users to they can continue having access to the app. What do you think about this? Is it too strict? What do you think the terms will include? Let us know via comment.


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