Football Manager 2021 Mobile (FM 21 Unlocked) 12.3.1 Apk Obb

Download Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Obb – FM 21 For Android users is nowhere with the long-awaited fixed license of clubs, real player names save data, real face pack and kits, logos, and team names updated as well. Football Manager 2021 Mobile is a Manager game that gives you a chance to manage a virtual Football team, we have provided the working download link, and also explained all you need to know about the game.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Mod Apk Obb Unlocked

Football Manager 2021 Mobile has a different managing virtual Football team, choosing from these tremendous clubs within the game, you can purchase players and also build their stats up, as you know, these decisions are done by you, i.e the manager, which can be very helpful in winning your next match. So if you want to win matches, you will need to learn how to manage your own virtual Football Team on your Android device, you cannot directly control the players this time, rather your tactics win the match.

Football Manager in the 2021 Mobile edition provides you with free money which can be used to purchase/buy new players, scout for good players. Furthermore, you can sell your players for extra change, that money can be added to your total club earnings to upgrade and manage your stadium facilities.

In FM 2021 Mobile, most of the real-world formations are available, you can select the popular 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-5-2, 4-2-4 tactics. If you are really into the game, then you can join Football Manager gaming communities or forums to not only stay up to date but also get the best tactics to apply in your game. 

In terms of realism, player scouting has been improved which makes it possible for you to contact Agents to decide on the future of your club through convincing a player to join your club, the decision depends on the player, but offer more money and you have an edge over other real-world of Football clubs in earning the player.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile graphics keep getting better with every major update, it has been improved that now you can perceive the 3D in-game simulation is much better than it was, this gives you the best managerial experience.

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Canadian Premier League that the community of gamers has been waiting for has been added to FM 21 Mobile Mod Apk, other countries leagues such as Mexico and Argentina Leagues are now playable nation with a complete full license. Save Data files to get real players' names have been added on this post, but after this complete review.

Features Of Football Manager 2021 Mobile 

Here are the new features of FM 2021 Mobile:

  • Revamped Dynamics: This new feature improves the communication between the coach and the players. Now you are able to know your players individually, know your team captain, follow up with the dressing room activities. All a new feature of FMM 21 which allows you to get the realism of the game.
  • Tactics Improvements: The Mobile Football Management game's tactical aspect is the core updates that are released each update. In this version, the new tactics template helps you change your play style and improve your club performance.
  • 3 Included Nations Arrived: As we have mentioned previously, though not emphasized, Mexico, Argentina, and Canada are now included in the new Football Manager Mobile 2021 edition.
  • No Cancel Culture: Now your voice can be heard as you try to keep the team spirits up by motivating them during the match, this will keep the players at the top of their game.
  • Feeder Team Availability: With this feature, you can take advantage of the upcoming players in the youth development, monitor their progress before deciding to bring them into the main squad.

Download Football Manager 2021 Mobile FM 21 Apk Obb

The below link to download Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Obb has been unlocked without any issue like license verification issues. We have provided only the Android platform version for all supported devices, but the game is also available for Google Stadia, Mac, and Steam (after the long-awaited release date).

Obb For FM 2021 – Original Size 900 MB

Obb FM 21 Mobile 12.3.0 (512MB)

Apk For FM 21

FM 2021 Mobile Apk 12.3.0 (21 MB)

Note: You will need to use an extracting app like Zarchiver, but if your phone file manager is good at that, it is not needed.

Guide on How To Install Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Obb Files

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

To install Football Manager 2021 on your Android mobile device is a straightforward process, just follow the steps below to install. We are also working on providing a video tutorial on our YouTube channel, so stay tuned there.

Watch Installation Video (Coming Soon)

Steps To Install FM 2021 are:
  1. Launch the installed Zarchiver App.
  2. Now locate the downloaded FM 2021 obb rar file.
  3. After the options menu shows, click on the Extract button.
  4. Now, go to your internal device phone memory.
  5. Click the Android folder, while there, select the Obb folder.
  6. Now you are almost done, click the Extract icon and the Obb file will be extracted to 100% indicating it was successful.
  7. In conclusion, Install FM 2021 Apk and play the game for free, you can make use of any Save Data files you can download below.

Images & Gameplay of Football Manager Mobile 2021

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

Football Manager Mobile 2021 Save Data Files To Get Real Player Names

So below is the list of Save Data files for FM 2021 Mobile that will help you get real player names easily, so follow the below steps to load the save data files in the game.

Custom Download Document Folder if after installation you can’t Find It. 

Like the title says, you can download the document folder manually just in case you are unable to locate it after downloading the main save data file above. To extract the documents folder, click it to extract using your file explorer application.

Documents Folder FMM 2021

- In case you are not aware of what this file does, FM documents allow you to add save data files that are applied to the game features, most especially player data.

Steps To Add And Load FM 2021 Mobile Save Data files:

Using the Zarchiver App apk, make sure you extract FM 21 save data file using the below steps.

  1. Tap on the downloaded FM 21 Save Data zip file via Zarchiver app.
  2. From the options menu, click Extract.
  3. Go to your phone device internal memory > documents folder > Sports Interactive >
    Football Manager 2021 Mobile > Normal folder > Games folder.
  4. So now extract it in that final folder.
  5. Now you can Extract the save data zip file using the Extract icon. Below is the save data you can get for free.

Save Data files for FM 2021 Mobile supports version 12.2.1 Above With May Transfers




















How To Unlock All Items In FM 21 Stores Such As In-Game Editor

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Free unlockables can be gotten, this can be done with applications like Lucky Patcher, while if you have root access you can make use of SB Game Hacker.

Required App/ File is: Latest Lucky Patcher App 

Steps To Unlock All Items In FM 21 Store Are:

1. Download and Install Lucky Patcher Install Apk App from the above link.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

2. If you are using Android 10 and higher, accept all app permissions.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

3. Do this by going to all applications on your phone settings or doing the below.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

4. Now select Lucky Patcher, check permissions, and grant full access (Recommended).

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

5. To launch the application and update the latest apps patches.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

6. On the app, go to switches by swiping from the left to right menu.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

7. Toggle on these options: Google Billing Emulation & Proxy server for emulation of in-app purchases.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

8. Install the Proxy server for emulation of in-app purchases if asked like this below.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Unlocked

9. You are almost done, so open the FM 2021 Mobile App, while on the game store, click on All Items Bundles Price dollar amount - 13.0USD.

10. Lucky patcher will pop up for purchases, so then mark both unticked options and choose yes. All in-game items will be unlocked for free.

Face Pack Mega Kits And Logos For FM 2021 Mobile

Download Standard Face Pack, Standard Logos, and Mega Kit for Football Manager 2021 Mobile, unlike the save data which you have to extract each one at a time, this file has been compiled together so you can simply extract and reload the FM 21 kits, logos, and face packs in the quickest way possible. So follow the below steps in other to install it successfully.

- Make Use of Zarchiver Apk App to extract, we recommend it, so Download Zarchiver Pro Apk first.

Steps To Add Face Packs Logos and Mega Kits In FM 21 Mobile:
  1. Using Zarchiver App you have installed, locate FM 21 Face Pack Rar file.
  2. Tap the Face pack rar file (Download Below).
  3. After the options Menu displays, select extract.
  4. Navigate to your phone's internal memory and extract it there.
  5. Due to the new development of how this was compiled, such as kit, logo, and face packs files, it will automatically move the files to their normal folder rather than you having to manually set them up.
  6. Now launch FM 21 Mobile game and head to settings, then tap on view.
  7. Select "User Interface", after doing that, scroll down till you see "Reload Skin".
  8. When you click that, all the logos, face packs, and kits will be automatically refreshed.

Download FM 21 Face Packs Logos And Kits

Note: Don't be surprised when you extract the above file and see 917MB, that is the original price before it was Compressed to 647MB. Enjoy!


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