PES 2021 PPSSPP File Download – PSP Iso PS4 Camera

PES 2021 PPSSPP File Download – PSP Iso Save Data and Textures PS4 Camera Offline For Android. This PES 21 PPSSPP ISO File has a PS4 Camera, it has been highly compressed so it's easy to download on any Android phone! So you are at the right place, this page contains a direct link to download the latest version of PES 2021 PSP.

PES 21 Ppsspp remains an offline soccer PSP game that includes the latest 2020/2021 original kits, team logo, player transfers, emblem, and realistic player faces. Additionally, you get to experience the newly added stadiums and improved grasses.

Easy update the game looks more real, the improved HD graphics and commentary of Peter Drury and co-commentator Jim Beglin are the keys to the entertainment as they mention real player names and discuss the events of the field as you play the game.


PES 21 latest version for PSP has the option settings that allow you to choose a PS4 Camera with a wide pitch view, bird eye view, and TV broadcast view. The normal game camera can still be selected, this mode focuses on active players and few players around them.

As expected, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 database of professional players increases and has almost surpassed the 5000 mark which can be seen on the release, so you have access to unlimited top-rated football stars and upcoming players in this game. How intriguing this is! Right?

PS4 Camera in PES 2021 PPSSPP File Download is also cool and fun because when activated you get to see more players on the pitch, also the fans can be seen with this cool camera angle.

Welcome to the Champions League, now you can enjoy the UEFA Champions League competition with numerous clubs eligible for the group stages and capable of making it to the knockout stages. The cool and popular champions league song can be heard in the background menu of the mode.

Furthermore, there are other interesting competitions to participate in such as The Spanish La Liga, Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, Italian League, UEFA Europa League, and more that you will discover once you start playing this game.


PES 2021 PPSSPP adds different fans' reactions and player celebrations. For instance, when there is a skill made by a player or there is a tackle in which the referee doesn't intervene, the crowd will react with boohoo, as for the players when they score, they make their signature celebration. Ronaldo jumped up, rolling his arms, and then landed with his arms spread, and so on.

PES 21 ISO file download is among the top football games for mobile and console because it is loaded with many features, and has realistic gameplay and competition.

PES game hacks and cheats are also possible. Though this might be a tough method, you can do this by boosting each player's stats through the Menu > Edit icon > click edit player. From there, you can increase any player's skills and attributes like speed, shooting, passing, heading, and so on to 100max.

How can you play PES 2021 PPSSPP on your Android? Get a good PSP emulator just like we need for other PPSSPP console games.


PES 2021 PPSSPP File Download on Android

Use the following links below to Download PES 21 PPSSPP and other important files needed to install this game on your Android phone.

  • PES 2021 PPSSPP File Download ISO File 708.59MB - Download Here.
  • PES 2021 PPSSPP File Download Save Data 1.07MB - Download
  • PES 2021 PPSSPP File Download Textures File 557.91MB - Download Here.
  • PPSSPP Gold Apk 27MB - Download Here.
  • ZArchiver Pro App.

How to Install PES 21 PPSSPP on Your Android (YouTube Tutorial)

I assume you are used to playing PSP games on Android, so this will not be a problem as you install this game and play with no issues.

So here we are, how to install PES 2021 PPSSPP, easy steps are below to follow.
  1. Get PES 21 Download PPSSPP.
  2. Get the Zarchiver app opened to locate and detect the PSP folder in the device memory.
  3. Head to the download folder.
  4. Tap on PES 2021 PPSSPP - PSP Iso, it has the Save Data and Texture files in Rar format.
  5. From the options menu, click "Extract" and then navigate to the device memory.
  6. Click on "Extract Icon".
  7. Let the extraction process complete 100% or the game will have a black screen.
  8. When successfully completed, a new PSP Folder with an Iso texture, and save data file will be created automatically.


How To Play PES 2021 PPSSPP File

Now the game has worked for you, you need to launch the game for the first time and play for free!
  1. Install PPSSPP - PSP Emulator.
  2. change PPSSPP Emulator Language to Espanol (Avoid black screen issues).
  3. On the PPSSPP Emulator app, locate PES 2021 Iso file in PSP Folder inside it.
  4. Click to launch the game and play.
  5. No need for Wi-Fi or a mobile network since it's an offline game.

Features of Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 PPSSPP

  • Free and Offline.
  • Commentary and Text in English.
  • Offers HD Graphics.
  • Realistic and Improved Gameplay.
  • New Kis and New Formations.
  • Latest transfers of Players on Clubs and National teams.
  • Updated team score display.
  • Champions League Update and UEFA UI.
  • World Cup, International Friendlies, Exhibition match, new balls.
  • Team Kits Updated to the 2021 Season, alongside the Team Logos like Juventus.
  • Legendary players are on becoming Legend.
  • Real-Time Commentary and Player Emotions are featured.
  • Real players' attitudes – Ronaldo's FreeKick Posture, Messi's Balancing, etc.
  • League matches and cups like Spanish League, German League, Premier League, League 1, Brazilian League, Indonesia League, and Cup can be played for fun.

PES 21 ISO Gameplay Screenshots

Pes champions league cup

Pes 21 psp gameplay

What’s New
Sky Bet Championship.
Serie A Tim
Bruno Fernandes in Man United
1.5.4 has some crash fixes.

* Full Vulkan support. Very fast on supported devices.
* Partial PSP GPS and camera support (reason for the new permissions!)
* Support for Arabic
* Fix Android widgets, screen scaling
* Geometry problems fixed in Medal of Honor
* Implement immediate draws, fixing Thrillville
* Hardware tesselation of PSP Beziers and Splines (used by a few games)
* Sustained performance mode to avoid thermal throttling
* Assorted bug fixes and compatibility improvements 

Wrapping Up

To those it may concern, sometimes people say it is not the official PES 2021, yes, Konami has not released an update since 2014 for PSP, so we work on PES 20 Mod ISO which has an updated Save data files and texture files that has the latest transfers just like the expectations of the upcoming eFootball PES 21 game.

But when there is an official release, this post will be updated with the original PES 21 Iso, so while we all await that, download and play this Modded version and have fun.


  1. Please, what are the minimum OS and Ram for the game to be played without any hitch

    1. 1.6GB RAM. Make sure you choose non-buffered rendering on PPSSPP settings.

  2. I installed the file(PES 2021 PPSSPP ISO File 574MB) but it appears to be pes2020 features, when I now override with(PES 2021 Save Data/Textures File 256MB)the champions League theme is not playing when playing champions League. How can I fix it

    1. We've updated the files, please watch the video

  3. If i want it on PSP should i still download the texture and save data also?

  4. How can we chat privately,my Pes is only displaying black, I need your help on that

    1. Change the language, watch the Youtube video on the post

  5. how can l get commentetors
    and sound track

  6. Thanks bro, I appreciate your effort. However, I ave a complaint. When I downloaded the game, it didnt show p54 do I change it from normal camera to p5 4. Thanks!

    1. From the game's settings, you'll see different camera views

  7. Please paste PS4 or Ps5 camera patch this is normal camera pls

  8. Is there not a way to download without downloading save data and textures

  9. What are the controls for fifa 21 PPSSPP

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